Monday, January 30, 2012

Going Back to Indonesia

It's now 12.30PM.

I’m going back to Indonesia! OMG!! XD

I’m so happy for myself. LOL.. Forever alone....






But, I’m going back together with my family, sooooooo.... not really forever alone. Haha. My ferry departs at 3.30PM from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, and currently I’m preparing my stuff and packing for my trip. I’m so excited! I feel like I haven’t been back to Tanjungpinang (My home town, a small part of Indonesia) for quite sometimes. Further, usually I went back only for one or two days ‘c0z I’m quite busy with my school and also sometimes I need to wait for my lenses parcel to arrive first before I went back. So in the end I have no time to enjoy myself. But now, I don’t need to wait for the lens. Yay! Tanjungpinang, here I come!

Bad Flu Day

I really hate flu. It’s like the normal flu I have. If it’s the normal flu it will still be ok for me. But this??? I have a runny nose. T.T
No matter how many times I wipe it, it will still come out again. So ma fan laa.. Aiyhoh! :(
I can’t think, I can’t breathe well, and sometimes I can’t even sneeze. I feel like sneezing but it’s not coming out. And I have to fake sneeze and hopefully after a few fake sneeze the real sneeze will come out.

I seldom get sick, especially flu. Usually if I had flu, it will be gone within 24 hours and it won't bring me any trouble. And sometimes, I don’t know why this kind of flu came and bother me for few days. I can't even sleep well last night. I guess is because I did not use blanket? But, usually I seldom sleep with a blanket on ‘c0z my sister used it. Or maybe because I did not use blanket for too long? I guess so.

See how many tissue I used while writing this blog.....

No matter how I wipe it will still be there. This time I wipe it all off.. totally clean. the next minutes it come out again.. and I have to keep sobbing. Haiyhooo.. I tried to drink warm water since 3AM. Still can’t! I tried to eat something, and I saw this “Super Ring” (a snack made of cheese) and I eat it. Fuck! It became worse. Now I can’t sleep at all. I breathe using my right nose and it bother me a lot ‘c0z this left nose keep snotting.. T.T

Because I can't sleep, I went to the living room and played some games. My dad came out and ask me, “you did not sleep at all? Why are you here? Why you sleep so late??” I saw the clock it’s already 6AM. I said, “I sleep already, I just woke up” Not a very good escape words, but good enough to make him think that, “ohh. Ok. You should wake up early next time. Good for health”

Like really? How does wake up early good for my health? I had difficulty sleeping actually, and wake up early has never be a happy moment for me. I sleep at 2AM or 3AM. Sometimes if I feel tired,, I will sleep at 12AM or 1AM. I know. Fuck my life.. *sigh*

Now my throat are sore and I have a runny nose. What a tiring day. And I'm going back to Indonesia today!! so happy!!

I don't photoshop my picture bec0z I don't know how to. If I know, I definitely will make this pic look more attractive.. haha

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Super Crystal Grey review (Vassen)

I was so excited when my lens order came in this early January. I ordered a lot of vassen lens approximately 147 pairs include my friend's order. Wow.. I know. For a pair of eyes, I have 130 pairs of lenses. =_= But I can't help it, I love them. haha.
The first vassen lens that I'll review is super crystal grey. For some who don't know, i.Fairy lens was made by vassen. Not all photos are displayed there eg. red and pink lens. In fact, most of red lens came from vassen. Even SuperBarbieEye’s red lens came from vassen, and few lens like Holy, Sassy, Donna and many more were made by vassen. When I first visit the website, I thought, hmmmmm.. they were found in 2003. That’s not long ago, but yet they can make such a good quality lens. If you haven’t try i.Fairy lens, you should try it. And PLEASE, please becareful in buying lenses, ‘coz there are a lot of fake lens out there that might harm your eyes. I have view a few blog posting about i.Fairy lens and the vials that they have is not the real i.Fairy vials. Here is the picture of the vials.
This is i.Fairy’s vials

This is i.Fairy vials for eclipse type. Different type of lens has different type of vials.
For example like this. This is i.Fairy Hanabi edition (left) and SuperBarbieEye Sassy (right).
This is my i.Fairy Super Crystal Green vials.
This is the vials look on top.
i.Fairy MoeMoe brown.
Another pic of i.Fairy MoeMoe brown.
i.Fairy Trinity vials..

i.Fairy Dolly+ RED lens. Behind this lens is KiraKira lens by Dueba (right).

i.Fairy ruby green and Super barbie candy grey~ They look similar!
A lot right?? haha.. Yeah, I like lenses! ♥

For the lens that really came from i.Fairy, they don’t have cherry red and the rest of cherry’s color. I’m not saying that they are fake lenses, but I’m saying that the lens with cherry red is not from i.Fairy, ‘c0z they don’t have cherry red. They only have 1 color for cherry which is gold. I’m not sure about i.Fairy’s official website, but it seems like they don’t have? I don’t know....
I heard that they are Sibling Company with SB (Sun and Bon) contact lens Company. SunnBon manufacture is the one who manufacture Beuberry lens. SunnBon manufacture starts to manufacture contact lenses in 2002. They produce good quality lens.
I opened a lot of i.fairy lens and all of them are good quality lens. By a lot I mean 3.. -_- I love my i.Fairy super crystal green. I love that a lot. I’ll do another review on that next time.
Here is the vials and the lens itself from vassen..
This is my other lens collection. Ms type with green color inside. I'll review it soon. ;)
Here is another pic of the vials, with my lens collection as back ground. :P

This is the picture of Super Crystal Grey lens
And here below is me and the vials. Lol...
The lens still visible in low light condition.
Cam whore time...

Still can see the lens even though it's blur. Maybe because the lighting? I don't know.
Close up look of Super Crystal Grey.
Yes, it's in the toilet. Because I feel so awkward to take pic in living room or something. Further, my bedroom has no mirror..
With flash.
Awkward smile with flash on.

- Comfort : 4.5?/5
Why I put question mark there? Because when I open the vials and wear them, they hurt a lot. No kidding they really hurt. But maybe that’s because my eyes are reacting toward the lens. I felt like my eyes are burning, it’s really hot and my eyes were red, not really red, but turned a bit red because of the pain I guess. After tearing for like 2 minutes, around that time, it starts to feel better. Maybe it’s because my eyes are adapting to the lens? I don’t know. After the struggling on my left side of eye, now I have to wear it on my right eye. FYI, I did soak the lens over night and I wore it on the next day.
Anyway, same happened again to my right eye. T.T Woah, I really have to be patient to this lens. But, that’s ok. The result is worth it. After those struggling, my eyes started to feel comfortable and I continue to wear it for hang out with my friend.
I have no problem wearing them for around 8 hours. They did not give me a lot of trouble.
- Color : 4/5
The color shows up well. Not like an alien, but it looks ok. In darker place they look like normal grey lens but not as obvious almost as dark grey. But in bright place, they look nice. The grey color looks like those bling bling grey color. I like them. I don’t know how to describe. Haha. It really looks like grey color lens. Unlike some grey lens, they sometimes looks like whitish grey, and sometimes you can’t really see the grey color at all.
- Enlargement : 5/5
For me, the diameter of this lens is not that big, but also not too small to enlarge the look of my eyes. It does enlarge the appearance of my eyes. The diameter is 15.0mm but the enlargement effect is almost like 16mm. Surprisingly it doesn’t make my eyes look like alien, because some of the lens who has a big enlargement tend to make eyes appear so big that it look unhuman. But this lens turns out to be just nice. Not creepy, not too small.
Over all, I will recommend this pair of lens to those who are looking for a pair of lens that can enlarge the eyes but not looking for a creepy look, with a nice lens color. I love super crystal series. I owned 3 color of this type, super crystal green, grey and pink. I’ll do a review on them next time. ;)
all picture taken above is after I wore them for 7 or 8 hours.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Wrong pair or what? (Luxury Babe 15 review)

I am so disappointed in Super Barbie Eye for sending me wrong pair of lenses. :(
This is the first time I buy Luxury Babe series because it's a new series. I want to try how it looks like, and I saw this Luxury15 which look so cute, and the green looks nice. So, I bought a pair of Luxury15 from them. Luxury Babe is the same company as Super Barbie Eye.
When I receive the lens, I thought it was very weird. The lens does not look green at all. It looks more like a yellow color lens. When I ask them, they do not want to admit that they send me the wrong pair. "Why is the lens does not look like the picture that the model is using? Is this really green? It looks like yellow to me." They did not give me a satisfying answer. They keep mention that Luxury Babe 15 only have 1 green color. So? What you mean? You are not answering my question! Why is my lens wrong color? Why is it not the same as the model picture? I'm so angry with them. It's not the wrong lens that matters to me, what pissed me off is that why they are not responsible for the things that they done... Sigh....
Here is the picture of the lens..

Which part of this looks green to you? Tell me.

Here is another picture..

This is the vials of Luxury Babe lens

And Below you can see that inside of the lens is yellow, even though it's not clear.

It's yellow right???

How in the world does this look like green to you?????
I thought is it wrong pair? But the label on top says it's green color. I do not understand. And I ask again. "How?" 'C0z I think this is a completely different pair from the model's picture.
Anyway, they tell me that they only have 1 green color. So, I open that lens 'coz the supplier tell me that if I wear it, it will look the same as the Luxury15 picture. Which is like this..

"...." it's no where near the lens that she send me.

The worst part is, I believe what that person said, and I open the vial...

This is the luxurybabe's vials that I opened.
I actually hesitate when I open it. Because once you open it, you can not return the lens anymore. But I trust that person.

I don't know what made me think that this lens will turn out to be green, deep green in fact.
Geez. I only can blame myself. :(

And I wear it. HOLY F! It's totally different! Of course it turns out yellow (it's more like the inside part of a lemon or lime). What was I thinking??? Why I even open the vials. *Sighs*
I don't know whether the design looks like the picture of the model (I think it's the same), but the color is not the color that I want. It turns out really yellow in a quite bright place with no flash at all but the light is 3 to 4 feet away from me. Here is The picture...
I don't want yellow lens. :(

I want that green that the model wore. I only use it once and took picture once to show the supplier, and once again they disappoint me. They ask me did I use flash on the picture and many bullshit. I really demand for an explanation. After a few questions, she disappear. She stop replying me! *Sighs*
And I bought this lens not from though. It's from the direct supplier!

After reading all my insane rant, I will still do a review on this lens.
If you are looking for green lens, this is a big NO. I don't know. Maybe this only happen to me.
But if you are looking for a yellowish color, this is suitable. The color really shows up well. Even in low light situation eg. class room, shopping mall. Wearable but not really. Depends on individual. If you like noticeable lens, this is suitable. If u are looking for natural looking lens, the color won't be able to archive that.

- Enlargement : 3/5
It's quite big in diameter. If you are looking for a lens that is not that big, but a little bit bigger than your natural eyes, this lens is suitable.

- Comfort : 3.5/5
It's quite comfortable. This lens cannot really use in air conditioning room. The lens will be a little bit blurry. Not very blur but will be a little bit uncomfortable. If it's in a normal room condition or in a shopping mall, I think it will be comfortable. I don't know. I did not wear them after I took the first picture. Too disappointed. Maybe I'll do another review to cover on this.

Over all I don't really know what to say. You decide whether to purchase this lens or not. Maybe this is just the mistakes in labeling? Maybe the next person can get the real green lens? Who knows. I hope I'm the only person who get disappointed. And this pair is quite expensive.. :(

-------------------------The day after I blog about this---------------------------

I took another pic. hehe. Because I think with that one particular pic, people cant really see the lens. So, here it is..

This is with flash. My face looks weird. Never mind. I'm too lazy to take another one.
And here is another one..

This is better, or is it? haha
This is not with flash. The lens color still shows up well.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Review on Super Barbie Eye Bambi Green

I bought this pair of lenses 'c0z they look similar to GEO bambi green or something. I hope I spell it correctly. "Why u did not just buy GEO bambi series then?" Well, because I'm not comfortable wearing GEO lens, and has never be. I can only wear GEO lens for like 3 hours max. Which is quite annoying 'c0z when I go to school, it would be troublesome for me. Also, I am very concern about the comfort of lenses that I bought as I only have a pair of eyes. So I do not think that GEO is suitable to me. But GEO bambi is very popular (that time, around September I think?) and I'm a bit curious how it's gonna look like on my eyes. So when I saw super barbie has the same design, I was so happy. I purchase them from


It's not too shinny outside, not too bright

The pattern of the lens does not really show. I though it will look like a pattern that is similar to flower. haha. But turns out it look more like a normal tri tone, but with a little bit of creepiness.
Why creepy? Hmmm...
- Color : 4/5
It is very vibrant in a talking distance. But if people see from far away like 3 meters away, they can not really see the color I guess? I did not use this lens much. I only use it twice, 'c0z it's not wearable as my friend thinks that green lens is a little bit too much. But I like green lens.
So yeah.. Maybe I will use it after I make this review.

- Comfort : 4/5
They are still ok. just like a normal super barbie eye lenses. My eyes are sensitive, and yet I can wear them for like 10 hours. I know some of you may say that, "It's not good for your eyes. You said that you want to take a good care of your eyes. This is not the way." I seldom use them for 10 hours. I usually use them for 5 to 6 hours. Only for school. But some times I go shopping directly after school. So I cant take them off right? What I'm saying is that this lens is still ok even after I wear it for 10 hours.

- Enlargement : 4.5/5
It's quite big in diameter. I do not know why super barbie eye make all their lenses' diameter 15.8 to 16mm while some of them are only 14.5 or 14.8. Maybe they are lazy? Or maybe they want people to think that they sell lenses that has big diameter. I do not know. But I notice recently many people are looking for a lens that has a big diameter. So, maybe that's why.
Back to this lens, it's quite big. Actually if the person talking to you stand close enough, they can see the edge of your eyes.

What else?
- Price ? 4/5
I do not think that this lenses are expensive. They cost me like SGD27. Around that. Because the online shop that I purchase sometimes they give promotion on a certain Pre-Order. So when you order on that period, you can have the same lens with a cheaper price.

Overall, I will recommend this lens to those who like to have a noticeable eyes. Because the color is noticeable and still look good on my eyes. Also because the diameter is big enough to change the appearance on my eyes, give them a rounder look. On the design wise, not really noticeable. But still ok. I do not recommend this lens to those who are looking for a natural eyes. Definitely no.

For more picture, click HERE..

And here are some camwhore pic that I took for two days...


I was directly facing the window. Not too bright..

With flash at the same spot
I don't know why the lens look unequal on both side. Maybe because the lens was shifted.
Or maybe I wore it inside out. =_=

My hair is very messy. I know....
The lens is not that obvious in darker area. But it looks nice in bright place.

With flash again...

Last camwhore pic for Super Barbie Eye Bambi green.
It's a lil bit blur. Click it for better view

Click here for the part 2