Friday, June 29, 2012

i.Fairy New Series Part II

You can see the part one HERE.

This is the part 2~

The lens im going to mention is

i.Fairy Sirius
i.Fairy Almond
i.Fairy Cara
i.Fairy Trinity
i.Fairy Haru
i.Fairy Bambi
i.Fairy Kumo

i.Fairy Tofi Blue
i.Fairy Tofi Gold
i.Fairy Tofi Grey

i.Fairy Sirius Grey

i.Fairy Almond Brown

i.Fairy Ryusei Blue

i.Fairy Cara Grey

i.Fairy Haru Grey and i.Fairy Trinity Pink

Kimchi Kumo Grey and Kimchi Bambi Blue (lol i dropped the lens)

Review for Tofi Grey soon! :D


i.Fairy Nova grey review

I have to time to take another pic, but I've been wearing this lens for a week now..
This lens looks nice in my opinion.. And it's good for picture taking.. It's not very bright, but it's noticeable.. I love it!

These pics were taken after I reached home at night..
I didn't take any pic when I go out
So, sorry if my face looks tired or the make up is smudgy..

Here is the pic of the Lens..
Pic was taken from Google c0z I have no time to snap the pic of the lens..
I've been quite busy this few days.. x(

It's not that noticeable, but it will be when it's under a day light..

Here are some pic with flash

This is another day of my outing with friends~
You can see that I was wearing lenses right...
Grey eyes

Over all, the lens is very comfortable. I can wear them for whole day with no problem. It looks nice, and I like the colors that it shows. The design is very good as well.. It's unique. I like it..
I will rate this 9/10

After sometimes, I feel that this lens is not suitable for school. It looks a bit weird. Maybe this lens will look good if you wear them to shopping or party. But I still love it!

Up till now, I still think that this lens is unique.. and I like it a lot! :D

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Luxury Babe vials

Another pic of vials..

I'll be quite busy, and I'll do more circle lens review on  July..

LOL. Btw, the vials are so weird because of there's only one label for 1 pair of lens..
Which is very weird. But after I think about it, it probably because people can order different degree for their lenses. So, their stock became unbalance and so is the label...

Only one label? lol

~The End~

Monday, June 18, 2012

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Prodigurls vials~

Check the website here The Prodigurls. They are another branch of Fynale lens. They have a very unique name, which is the name of branded stuffs like Ms. Hermes, Ms. Fynale Ms. MiuMiu, Ms. Lv and etc.. Isn't that funny (in a weird way)??

Anyway, I my friends ordered them and here are the two vials..

Ms Prada and Ms Fynale

Pic of the vials...

~The End~
Do you like it ?