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Kony 2012 ? (Updated)

UPDATED below!!

~Blog originally posted on 14/03/12~
Recently there has been this rumor and video about this Joseph Kony kidnapping kids and force them to do things that they don't want. First of all, what makes you think that this is real? By them posting such photos on the internet doesn’t mean that I can immediately believe all of it. I mean like I am not from Uganda and I don’t know anything about Uganda.

At first I believe whatever the video said. Because I know some part of a country are not so fortunate. No clean water, so shelter, no food, no nothing. What they have is a piece of cloth that they use to cover their body. Is this the case that happened to Uganda? I’m not quite sure. But the video seems like very convincing. It’s a 20+ minutes video, showing how this Kony guy torture, kidnapped boys, make them his army and forced them to kill their parent, and kidnapped girls and forced them to be a sex slave. Here is the video..

Previously they allow comment on the video, now they disable it. Why?? I also want to know.. The last time I saw, many of the comments are good comment. But why now they disable it? Maybe the truth is slowly revealed? And I think I know why..
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And.... after that I saw this FLuffeeTalks talked about this video too. Basically he just took his part in spreading the words and to raise public awareness..

I honestly thought that this video was real, and start to DISLIKE Kony I guess? Because he is the bad guy. Duh! I also do my part as a social activist? I shared invinsiblechildeninc's video so that people know who is Joseph Kony.

Few days after, I saw this video....

This video tells us about the detail of the Kony 2012 project in making him famous, which is NOT VERY GOOD.

What this video said is quite true. As I know nothing about Uganda, I can't assume that those entire photo posted are true. Just like what he said, a very good example will be that twin tower misfortune. By showing all these old photos doesn’t mean that the current situation is still the same. I mean like, I don’t know what kind of country Uganda is. So what he said kinda effect me.

He also mentioned the Kony 2012 project did not make use the money wisely. They can only cover for like what, 700 people? Hmm....

So, believe it or not, it’s all up to you.. After all of this, I don’t think that this Kony thing is real. I think that there is something behind all of this.. Some people said that US is willing to help because Uganda is an oil producer? I don’t know. There’s no clear explanation for this..


Here is another thing. People start to use Facebook as a powerful media to help everyone in this world. Dafug? Are you serious?

Like really, people in this world are subconsciously forcing other people to share their photo.. by photo I mean DISTURBING PHOTO! Some of the example would be a picture of dog dragged by motorcycle and blood everywhere. A kid with no hands but he still can fed his brother (this one is kinda sweet). A picture of baby burned and said that by sharing this we helped the little baby (dafug?). Sometimes it can be something challenging like “Have a heart, share this .....” Or “Share this, Facebook will donate $1 for every share.”

Really uh? Tell me how!
How can Facebook donate 1 dollar for every share if each and every people has the same fucking photo but it's from many different album, posted by different people and tell others to share just because they look pitiful.. Here is an example..

And see the next pic...

It was posted by 2 different people. 1 is by I don't know what country is that and another one is by an Indonesian. Obviously they just right click and save the picture and REPOST and ask people to share..

And like a boss I’m not gonna share it! Not that I don’t have a heart.

Here is my point..
I don’t want to act like I care by sharing all of these pictures (because some of them are seriously disturbing). For what?
And by sharing all of those photos, does that mean that I care? NOT REALLY.

I’m not gonna post all those disturbing photo JUST TO SHOW THAT I CARE while maybe I don’t. I don’t have to show the whole world that I care. I have a heart, of course, but I just don’t see the point why I need to share all of those.. it’s not gonna help. Unless it’s from an official website..

Here is what you thing is going to happen????

Come on Facebook...

Help for the cause

Jason Russell, sort of a leader in this charity called InvisibleChildInc or something , and the one who made this Kony 2012 video, was caught drunk and masturbating in public. Read the article here! hahahahha..
I think all the charity money goes to his alcohol and drugs? LOL
Good thing I never believe him. or maybe I did.. but not anymore. Because I did my research before believing him.. hehe.. So I'm considered as those smart people that wont get their money cheated so easily.. haha

In his Kony 2012 video, he added his son inside. I think that's not even his son. Must be some other people's son that he kidnap, or maybe he pay for it! And all people are donating for that shit.. Drugs, alcohol, and many other actors.. tsk tsk tsk.. what a deuce bag...

I think he must thought that he is invisible. That's why.. So when he masturbate, he think that nobody can see him. He probably just put on his sun glasses, and walk on public places and starts to masturbate, and think that nobody can see him. "InvisibleChildren" REMEMBER???

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