Friday, May 25, 2012 24th May 2012

OMG!! I really can understand why she did that!! Read the blog HERE!
I mean like, those people leave REALLY BAD comments on her and expect that she keep quiet?

It's their fault! They deserve it! They ask for it!

They shoot those words to xiaxue first. What has xiaxue did that make them so angry and full of hate? Xiaxue didn't even know them loh! Or maybe she did, but she at least she never mention or bitch about them in her blog. I don't think that xiaxue will slam on anyone if it's not because of the person start it first..

I think that, generally, xiaxue is a nice person.. I honestly think so.. and she is funny! I like her sense of humor. When I see her video clip, she never fail to make me laugh. Just don't piss her off.. haha
Also, people change. You know.. You may think that she is not famous, but hey, she won two blogger awards for last year or this year(?) Erm..she blogged is quite late, so I think is this last year. And people tend to change when they got famous. I think it's quite common(?) Try to put yourself in other people's shoes please.....

Anyway, I have just attended a meeting, and we were having this chat about her latest blog post. This particular guy said something that really make me so angry! I tried so hard to kept my mouth shut...
I think, somehow this guy will read my blog.... and he will know how I felt back then.. lol

These are three words he said that kept repeating on my head...

 "She just get it for attention laa."

Maybe? But hey, how do you feel if your girlfriend was scold in the same exact way?
"Your girlfriend is a SLUT! She is such a BITCH! How much per night uh?" 
or maybe when someone said to you, "Hey ASSHOLE! Shut your fucking mouth 小白脸. I hope you die and rot in hell"
How do you feel?? Feel good isn't it?

And, hey.. She is a daughter of somebody. How do you feel if I said, "Your daughter is a whore. She is prostituting in geylang. Her face look like shit. I hope she got raped and die on the street"
Very nice to hear hoh? I know right... 
"Her make up is horrible"

I can't comment much about make up or what c0z I don't really care about her look. She is an awesome blogger! But honestly I think her make up looks fine(?) Maybe sometimes she over do her look, but hey... Why do you care? She is your girlfriend uh? She is a blogger, not a model.. please......
"We hate her"
We hate her.. We hate her.. We hate her... This words keep on repeating on my head over and over and over again.. We hate her...

Ok, get your facts right. "We" ????? Are you serious??
And then he ask, "Do you guys like her?"

Immediately I said, "YES! I like her " and one of my friend said, "yah I like her too"
and I continue, "There's something about her that makes me keep coming back for more. She is very influential. I like her "

And he kept quiet.. Maybe he was thinking of a good come back, or maybe he was surprised that someone actually like her? OR he thought that I am a bitch as well ? Tsk tsk tsk...
I seriously don't know dafuq why he hate her.. I mean, she made her point leh.. Also she didn't slam on them first.. Is they leave bad comment about her first.. and I don't think that's the first time they leave mean comments about her...

If you guys hate her for this, so it means that if you fight back when someone try to hurt you is wrong? Let's say that one day somebody just randomly hit and try to kill you, what will you do? "Oh.. kill me.. come.. go ahead.. it's ok.. you can hit me all you want..." or maybe when you know who is your mother's killer, it's some disgusting pervert, will you just let the person go? Think about it......
If you think that fight back is wrong, then what the fuck is right?? Also, please leave me your address in the comment section, I will go to your house and hit you in the face for FUN.

Tsk tsk tsk.. Seriously.. Think before you said.. and stop hating other people..
I don't understand why people hate xiaxue..

Anyway, this entry is talking about xiaxue defending herself, this had nothing to do with PAP or any election..

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  1. im not xiaxue hater but, i dont like the way she hate people with natural beauty just because they disagree with plastic surgery. Xiaxue did plastic surgery and she always dislike people (actualy some actress) who made negative comment bout plastic surgery, like dislike or never want to do it. Xiaxue simply hate rosie huntington whiteley, and other actress (forgot who, i read in her blog). and it's just weird i think..hahaha
    that's my opinion. but that doesnt mean that I hate her, I like her makeup, cutee always~ X3