Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fynale Hello Kitty pink lens review

I don't know what to say.. LOL
This lens is good for those who like Hello Kitty, but no one can see that the lens you are wearing has this Hello Kitty print on it. I guess it's just the matter of psychology.. haha..
But seriously, even in the very bright place, like direct sunlight the lens still not that clear. Unless the person talk to you in a 30cm distance..
Further, this lens doesn't look as vibrant. It kinda look like black lens under dim lighting.

When I look at the lens, I have no expectation at all.. c0z' I know that it's gonna be like this.. because the color of the lens itself is kinda dark, like dark pink. It's more like an old lady pink, not youngster/feminine pink.. haha
Hmmm.. I think for Hello Kitty lover they will love it so much.. but again, no one can see it unless they stand very very close to you..

I opened the lens last night and I soaked it for the whole night so that I can wear them the next day.

And this is the picture of the vials~

When I open the second lens cap, I think I pulled too hard and I snapped the cap away.. =_=

Fuck my life..... After that I hurt my hand when I opened the rest of the metal seal.. FFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUU!!

I really hate why those people need to seal the lens like this?? I mean they can make it easier for us who use the lens right?? Why put us in danger like this?? This is not the first time I hurt my finger. Of course I'm not that retarded who open the cap with the wrong direction.. But the freaking cap SNAPPED AWAY! The other case is when I was about to open the cap, and I pulled down the metal protection and it just wont break. I did not know what to do.. I break the whole vials LIKE A BOSS!
I think this kind of packaging should be BAN!

Enough of my rant.. Let's move on to the lens itself..
The lens was very thin and it's kinda hard to put on.. The lens keep bend down and stick on my finger.. So I really need to dry my finger before I put it on top of my finger.. Here are the pictures in the vials..

And this is the picture of the lens inside the lens case..

Hello Kitty!! :D
The lens itself look so nice.. The Hello Kitty look so cute~

Below are some picture that I took..

The sun was not that bright because the sun were behind the building, at the back of my room.

This is my room view~

I changed room and this is the picture under direct sun light.. Still can't see it very clear unless people are very close to me..

Inside my living room..

Look like black lens or more like dark pink~
But at least the enlarging effect made my eyes look big..

Another picture inside the room~ ^^

~The End~

Thank you for reading..
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