Sunday, March 4, 2012

Review on Super Barbie Eye Bambii Green Part II

Haha,, I saw many people view this blog post, so I decided to put more photos. Because sometimes I went to other people's blog to look for some reviews, mostly they have only a few photos and some are not clear. So, I don't want anyone to feel like me.. haha
Here are some of the photos of Super Barbie Eye bambii green.. ^^
LOL, I still remember that time my blog post really sucks. I had bad English and I just randomly type whatever I want. I'm an Indonesian-Chinese, so English is not my main language.
Please excuse my bad English and poor grammar... I'll try harder next time....

Anyway, Here is the part one.. SuperBarbieEye Bambii Green

I know.. My make up skill sucks.. That time I was so bored and I took a few picture..
And here it is.. haha
If you can't really see the green color, it's because that's how the lens looked like.
The color is not that striking green. When I wore it, I looked like dark green. But it's good at enlarging my eyes..

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