Saturday, March 10, 2012

Exam is in the corner?

My first exam is coming.. Instead of studying, I've been doing a lot of stupid stuffs. Some of you may have the same experience as me..
The most common distraction will be facebook. I checked my facebook, even if there is nothing inside. I usually go to youtube to browse for some ridiculous video, 'c0z I'm bored and I don't feel like studying..
Also, I paint my nails with 3 different color and see how does the gradient look on my nails. If it's not good then I repaint. While doing this, my sister asked me to lifted up a stupid stuffs, and it broke my nail again.. So I simply just redo it. I know I sound like a drama queen, but this things has been happening since yesterday and OMG I always tell myself, "Still got tomorrow.. Don't worry"

The next day

I looked at my blog and thought that, "Hmmm.. My blog need a little bit of change"
Then I start a new concept, which it to make them all look blank. I like simple stuff. Because it looks clean, not so complicated, easier to see and so on..
So I changed it..
And here it is.. My new blog skin..
I'm gonna blog about this in a separate blog post 'c0z I want to see how is the before and after..
And holy crap, today I am one day closer to my exam and things keep happening and stop me from studying...

For those of you out the who are facing difficulties in studying, just simply broke your laptop.. That's it. No more internet, no more blogging, no more facebook tritter, and many more shit that can distract you. The first thing you have to think about is
"What you want?"
Be clear of what you want, then you can move towards your goal. When something distract you, ask yourself again, "What I really want?" Of course you must come out with the same answer, otherwise it's not valid. If the answer is different, that means you are not clear with what you really want.

Same thing happen to boyfriend. If possible, avoid any problems in relationship. And also, try to not to break up when your exam is coming. If you have any problems in relationship, this problem will give you more stress. If possible, don't contact your boyfriend at all. Let him/her wait until you finish your exam.
This exam is for your future. Unless you are married then you no need to avoid your husband/wife. Because as a boyfriend, you guys are not tied together. That person might not be the one for you in the future.. Better be save.. Your future is priority one. If he really love you, he will support you and let you study. If not, a boyfriend can be the biggest distraction.. haha

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