Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Vassen SK Brown / EOS Candy Brown circle lens review

From the name, it sounds kinda weird.. Haha..
"Vassen SK" is the factory's name for this lens. This is the other color of i.Fairy Sakura edition, but i.Fairy Sakura only have Pink color.

This lens look exactly like EOS candy lens except the diameter, I think. Or maybe the comfort level.

So, here it is..

It's not that obvious inside the room....
it's so hot in Singapore!!

Over all, I will rate this lens 8/10
It's not very obvious, just like the Sugar Candy lens..
The brown color looks cute, I think it's suitable for school or work.
Actually, I saw a lot of people wear this lens and look so cute!!
I know, everything looks good on other people, except me... Sigh...
It's very comfortable, no doubt. Vassen lens is very comfortable because they are the same factory as i.Fairy lens..

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