Friday, March 16, 2012

Super Barbie Eye Crystal.nudy Grey review (Updated)

(UPDATE on picture of the lenses in the vials)

Here is another circle lens review.. I think not many people know this lens I guess. Because not many people know super barbie brand? They only know like what, Pinky Paradise, Candy Lens, or whatever laa I dont know, and I dont shop there c0z it's freaking expensive.
I directly buy from the top supplier, and that supplier also sell things online but without website. I mean like they have .com website for example like TheDollyEye which sale Dueba lenses, but buying from .com is very expensive because we pay for their .com rental fee and advertisement and stuff like that which is not my concern. So I buy directly from the top supplier and I order not only 1 pair, so they give me discount which is very nice and it's actually cheaper than you buy from .com company.

So here it is..

The lens actually look nice under the sunlight.. It's noticeable if you are under a normal sun light.
This photo was taken at 5.30 and it's a cloudy day..

And here is the picture under the room lighting..

That's all for this review..

Color : 4/5
Under the normal lighting the lens is not that visible, but then it gives you the enlarging effect which is very nice if you are looking for those lens that can make you look cuter by enlarging your eyes, maybe?

Design: 4/5
It's very simple actually. It's just a dark ring and then a grey ring. But in the black ring, it has this small dots that make it different from Sugar Candy edition. I think if you want more visible lens but you like Sugar Candy design, then you should buy this. This lens looks cute and it's similar too Sugar Candy edition. Sugar Candy lens is not that visible, especially grey color.
If you guys are wondering, this design is different from Sugar Candy, it's just similar. And this design also not the same as EOS candy lens. EOS candy lens has this smooth outer black ring and smooth "whatever color you like" ring for the inner part.

Comfort: 4.5/5
This lens quite comfortable. I can wear it for like 8 hours? I cant remember when is the last time I wear it. But after soooooooo long, and decide to wear it again, it still feel as good..

Over all: 4.5/5
I think this lens is nice. I did not expect too much because of Sugar Candy lens. I mean like I'm a plano lens user. I expect the lens can show the color very well and looks nice on me. Otherwise why I even bother to buy it. But this is nice.. ^^

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