Thursday, January 26, 2012

Review on Super Barbie Eye Bambi Green

I bought this pair of lenses 'c0z they look similar to GEO bambi green or something. I hope I spell it correctly. "Why u did not just buy GEO bambi series then?" Well, because I'm not comfortable wearing GEO lens, and has never be. I can only wear GEO lens for like 3 hours max. Which is quite annoying 'c0z when I go to school, it would be troublesome for me. Also, I am very concern about the comfort of lenses that I bought as I only have a pair of eyes. So I do not think that GEO is suitable to me. But GEO bambi is very popular (that time, around September I think?) and I'm a bit curious how it's gonna look like on my eyes. So when I saw super barbie has the same design, I was so happy. I purchase them from


It's not too shinny outside, not too bright

The pattern of the lens does not really show. I though it will look like a pattern that is similar to flower. haha. But turns out it look more like a normal tri tone, but with a little bit of creepiness.
Why creepy? Hmmm...
- Color : 4/5
It is very vibrant in a talking distance. But if people see from far away like 3 meters away, they can not really see the color I guess? I did not use this lens much. I only use it twice, 'c0z it's not wearable as my friend thinks that green lens is a little bit too much. But I like green lens.
So yeah.. Maybe I will use it after I make this review.

- Comfort : 4/5
They are still ok. just like a normal super barbie eye lenses. My eyes are sensitive, and yet I can wear them for like 10 hours. I know some of you may say that, "It's not good for your eyes. You said that you want to take a good care of your eyes. This is not the way." I seldom use them for 10 hours. I usually use them for 5 to 6 hours. Only for school. But some times I go shopping directly after school. So I cant take them off right? What I'm saying is that this lens is still ok even after I wear it for 10 hours.

- Enlargement : 4.5/5
It's quite big in diameter. I do not know why super barbie eye make all their lenses' diameter 15.8 to 16mm while some of them are only 14.5 or 14.8. Maybe they are lazy? Or maybe they want people to think that they sell lenses that has big diameter. I do not know. But I notice recently many people are looking for a lens that has a big diameter. So, maybe that's why.
Back to this lens, it's quite big. Actually if the person talking to you stand close enough, they can see the edge of your eyes.

What else?
- Price ? 4/5
I do not think that this lenses are expensive. They cost me like SGD27. Around that. Because the online shop that I purchase sometimes they give promotion on a certain Pre-Order. So when you order on that period, you can have the same lens with a cheaper price.

Overall, I will recommend this lens to those who like to have a noticeable eyes. Because the color is noticeable and still look good on my eyes. Also because the diameter is big enough to change the appearance on my eyes, give them a rounder look. On the design wise, not really noticeable. But still ok. I do not recommend this lens to those who are looking for a natural eyes. Definitely no.

For more picture, click HERE..

And here are some camwhore pic that I took for two days...


I was directly facing the window. Not too bright..

With flash at the same spot
I don't know why the lens look unequal on both side. Maybe because the lens was shifted.
Or maybe I wore it inside out. =_=

My hair is very messy. I know....
The lens is not that obvious in darker area. But it looks nice in bright place.

With flash again...

Last camwhore pic for Super Barbie Eye Bambi green.
It's a lil bit blur. Click it for better view

Click here for the part 2

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