Friday, March 23, 2012

Hunger Game Movie Review (with a bit of spoilers)

I just finished my exam today. For celebration, me and my friends went to watch movie, Hunger Game. At first, I never thought that Hunger Game is a nice movie.. but at least I think that still worth my time, since I have nothing to do. I knew the movie from the advertisement. I think they start to advertise the movie from Dec or Nov 2011. From the trailer, I can't really tell whether it's nice or not, but at least still looked ok.

For trailer click HERE.

Hunger Game movie is about.. ummm.. I also don't know the precise story and what is it all about. It's about a city I guess. The capital city have this show called Hunger Game, and they conduct this game once a year. When the time and date has come, they will choose 1 guy and 1 girl from each district age between 13 to 18 or what I cant remember. and then...

" Happy Hunger Game, may all the odds be ever in your favour." That's what they always said..
If you watched the trailer, the real girl that chosen was not the main character, but her younger sister instead. Because this is a game of life and death, only 1 person will servive, that main character girl (Katniss Everdeen), volunteer herself. Of course, because she don't want her sister to die.. :(

and that's where the game starts..

In order to survive this game, she need to get a sponsor to help her to survive. she managed to get it with help from the trainer.
She was hurt, she made friend, she lost friend, she kiss the guy which came together with him, and she eventually manage to win. Not by killing all of the participant, but the other participant killed each other.
At the end she killed 1 person, with the help from that guy which came together with her.

There was a slight twitch in the rule. The conductor changed the rule a few times, and made Katniss Everdeen and the guy Petta Melark wanted to commit suicide by eating a poisonous berry. But they ended up did not. What to know more? watch the movie..

It's very interesting. I TOTALLY recommend this movie. It's like something that far above my expectation. This movie is about sacrifice, with a little bit touch up of relationship, romance, friendship, and some sad scene..

This movie was based from a book called Hunger Game. Maybe if you like reading, you might want to read that book because from many review, people said that IT'S AWESOME!!

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