Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Luxury Babe 35 RED review

First look, this lens definitely look like i.Fairy rose edition... But, the difference is, this lens has red color in it which is cool!

As a girl, I like rose. I think it's pretty and I feel that rose is a symbol of mysterious because of the color and the way it look. I don't know, maybe it's just me.

I owned rose pink before, and I personally think that this lens is not very visible and it's kinda ugly..... The pink didn't really show on my eyes when I'm inside the room. Sometimes under a bright sun light, only the edge of the lens is visible...

Here is the pic of the lens....
First impression, this lens is not as red as i.Fairy Dolly+ red or Hanabi red.
This lens is not vivid in color.
This lens doesn't look like rose.. It looks like badly carved tomato.. lol

Not very visible right?
My friends didn't even notice that I was wearing this lens until i told them.
The more interesting part is, they don't even know that this is red lens! haha
Previously, for dolly+ red, they think that red lenses are creepy.
Tadaaaaaaaa~ looks like black lens!!
This pic was edited.. I brighten the pic just to make the lens more visible..

So, in conclusion, the lens is not visible under a dim lighting..
It's kinda visible (the edge of the lens) under a bright sun light...

Overall, I will rate this lens 8/10

Again, I'm gonna repeat this.. I am a plano lens user.. So, I expect my lens to be a lil bit visible.
This lens is not very visible. If you are looking for a red lens that doesn't really look red in color and not scary looking, then you might want to try this lens (this lens has a wow effect because people can only see the lens color in bright place). BUT, if you are looking for a lens that has a striking red color, then this lens is a definite NO for you..

I think this lens has a good design, but it didn't really show. So, there's no point for good design that can't be seen. Am I wrong? It kinda does look like a rose though...

Comfort, this lens is quite comfortable actually. I wore this to school and shopping.. It didn't really give me any problem, even under the AirCon room. I will rate the comfort level is around 9/10. Not perfect, but good enough to wear for a long day, like 12 hours? I know it's not healthy, but sometimes I can't take them off just like that...


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