Monday, January 30, 2012

Bad Flu Day

I really hate flu. It’s like the normal flu I have. If it’s the normal flu it will still be ok for me. But this??? I have a runny nose. T.T
No matter how many times I wipe it, it will still come out again. So ma fan laa.. Aiyhoh! :(
I can’t think, I can’t breathe well, and sometimes I can’t even sneeze. I feel like sneezing but it’s not coming out. And I have to fake sneeze and hopefully after a few fake sneeze the real sneeze will come out.

I seldom get sick, especially flu. Usually if I had flu, it will be gone within 24 hours and it won't bring me any trouble. And sometimes, I don’t know why this kind of flu came and bother me for few days. I can't even sleep well last night. I guess is because I did not use blanket? But, usually I seldom sleep with a blanket on ‘c0z my sister used it. Or maybe because I did not use blanket for too long? I guess so.

See how many tissue I used while writing this blog.....

No matter how I wipe it will still be there. This time I wipe it all off.. totally clean. the next minutes it come out again.. and I have to keep sobbing. Haiyhooo.. I tried to drink warm water since 3AM. Still can’t! I tried to eat something, and I saw this “Super Ring” (a snack made of cheese) and I eat it. Fuck! It became worse. Now I can’t sleep at all. I breathe using my right nose and it bother me a lot ‘c0z this left nose keep snotting.. T.T

Because I can't sleep, I went to the living room and played some games. My dad came out and ask me, “you did not sleep at all? Why are you here? Why you sleep so late??” I saw the clock it’s already 6AM. I said, “I sleep already, I just woke up” Not a very good escape words, but good enough to make him think that, “ohh. Ok. You should wake up early next time. Good for health”

Like really? How does wake up early good for my health? I had difficulty sleeping actually, and wake up early has never be a happy moment for me. I sleep at 2AM or 3AM. Sometimes if I feel tired,, I will sleep at 12AM or 1AM. I know. Fuck my life.. *sigh*

Now my throat are sore and I have a runny nose. What a tiring day. And I'm going back to Indonesia today!! so happy!!

I don't photoshop my picture bec0z I don't know how to. If I know, I definitely will make this pic look more attractive.. haha

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