Thursday, April 19, 2012

Being Skinny

I have been skinny for my whole life. I remember my last heaviest weight was almost reaching 50Kg.. and it was like 5 years ago. That was my max weight. Some girls, when they reach 50KG, they freak out about it...

Omg, I'm so fat. I need to go on diet.
Omg, my clothes are all tight. I need to go on diet.
Omg, I have a fat arm. I need to go for diet.
Omg, I ..... etc etc etc

(when they say they need diet, that's the moment they eat the most. "Never mind, I'll have my diet tomorrow." and the tomorrow never come..)
Many words were vomited out just to make them feel better(?), and to emphasize that they are fat. Ya, like I don't know? YES! You are fat. That's enough.. It's so annoying loh. I think it's the same situation when some insurance guys came to you and force you to buy the insurance that you don't want.. Shut up laa..

Do you really feel good when you said that? I mean like they are just fine, and they look fine to me. Why they need to keep mocking themselves and telling people that they are fat? Shouldn't they encourage themselves instead of making themselves look bad? ck.. ck.. ck...

So I tried this once. When I was 50Kg. LOL. That was when I'm in the Junior High School, around 16 years old. I can't believe that I did such an idiotic thing.
I told my friend...

Damn, I look fat..

Guess what??

NOBODY TAKE ME SERIOUSLY. They were like, "Noo.. you are not fat~ you look fine.. See me, I'm so fat.." I mean like my friend that time was mostly 50kg too. But why?? We were about the same weight.. Hello???
I know laa.. I look kinda skinny I guess. Not skinny exactly, but my weight was just nice. Not fat, not skinny. Because my height was 158 or something. I can't remember. But seriously, I don't think that my friend was fat. Never! Unless they weigh like 80kg with height 150.

So, these things got me thinking. Why people want to emphasize that they are fat?

The first thing that I can think of is that "They want people to compliment them"
I think they are just seeking for attention. When they say, "I am so fat," the sentences automatically change in my mind and translated to, "Please compliment me, say nooo, you look skinny, you look good, you look perfect"
Well, my respond will be, "yeah, you are fat. please just kill yourself. maybe you can give me your money so that you can eat lesser. That will be the best solution."

I don't care if people feel offended. If they think that they are fat, then ok, you are fat. What you want me to say?

The second thing that I can think of is "They really think that they are fat, and they need support"
I think this is ok. I don't mind to give support if my friend really is fat.. If she/he is like 80kg and short, I think I will encourage them to go on diet and be healthy.. and it's good for them too.


But I think this generally won't work, c0z' I can't really open my mouth and say that my friends are fat. By friends I mean close friends. Unless they pissed me off by keep saying that they are fat over and over again, and I get sick and tired of it.

Sometimes, when my friend ask me "Do I look fat" I think I will still answer, "no you are not. Hmm.. Maybe a little bit."
Not too cruel, and I still passed my message that she is a little bit fat. I personally think that asking whether she is fat is better than telling the whole world that she is fat. See the difference?

I don't understand why people like to call themselves fat while they are not really fat. And the worse part is that they get offended when I said yes you are fat. Why? They already said that they are fat, and now why they got offended. I really can't understand that..

The worse part of all, people think that by calling me skinny makes me feel good. NO! YOU ARE WRONG. Why fat people get offended when they were called fat and skinny people can't?? I know that generally people think that being skinny is good. You won't have this disease that fat people may get like heart attack, cardiovascular problems, stroke, respiration problems, low self-esteem and bla bla bla.. But this is when people were over weight. It's more like obesity I guess, and they are fat from it.. Again I stress, I'm referring only for those who are not over weight.

If you are 50kg to 65kg, that is ok. But that's depends on your height though. So.. Here is a method that I use to measure my weight..
Height - 110 (for girls)
Height - 100 (for guys)
(Disclaimer: I'm not an expert nor pro in this section.. This is just what I use)
This measurement is not accurate, but I use it for a guide line so that I know when to stop. I think it can't be applied for those people who are very tall or very short. I think it's just a standard measurement for those who height around 135cm to 195cm? I don't know. My brother use this measurement though and he is 185cm. =_=
Anyway my body stop growing (very slow almost like stopping) when I was 16. So I never have the chance to feel how it feels like to be a tall person.

My height currently is 160 and I maintain my weight at 44kg for now.
When I first reach Singapore, my weight dramatically drop from 50kg to 39kg within 1 month. Dafug?? Everyday felt like countdown. I don't know why. Maybe home sick, or maybe the food here are just not nice? or maybe stress? Hmmm.. I wonder.. But chicken rice in Singapore is nice.. :D
So for those of you who want to lose weight, can consider to move to other country.. LOL (You idiot. *slap myself in the face*)

Currently, I think that I am not that skinny though. It's just that maybe I'm slightly taller than those people who keep calling themselves fat (please laa, have you ever consider that you are just too short for your weight?? Grow taller please!). So with the same weight, of course I look better. I got offended when they say I'm very skinny. Unless they really meant good for me. If they want me to compliment them back, NO!

I mean like, how can those people tell me that I'm skinny and expect me not to be offended. I tried sooooooo hard to get fatter ok.. I even eat more than the normal girls do. I usually eat 1 chicken rice and add 1 more bowl of rice ok.. and after that I had a dessert, and finish up with a few gulp of water. Tell me laa who eat that much and still be skinny. Maybe somewhere, this person do exist, but at least I eat more than my friends and still weight is not as heavy as them. Not a good comparison I guess.. Hmm,, maybe compare to my sister? She eat lesser than me but she gain weight faster then I do..

I tried to drink milk which claim that they can make me fatter. But it doesn't work.. =_= wasted my parents' money. I even went to the doctor and they said that I'm fine. It's just that my body metabolism rate is high. He gave me some supplement which also didn't work.. or maybe it did, that's why my weight was 50kg? maybe.....
But obviously it doesn't now..

I really feel uncomfortable when people call me skinny.. Sometimes they said that, I wish I had your body weight.. and it made me think that, why I need to get fatter, while people are willing to die to have their body weight like me. So I guess from now on I won't eat so much. Because no point. I might as well save my money and use it for shopping.. haha

Here are some encouraging words..

Being slim is not good. They look poor, they got no money to buy themselves food.
Being fat is good. They have shit loads of money to buy food.

Whether you are slim or fat, you are created that way. I think people should embrace that. Like some fat people did plastic surgery make them look a bit weird. Fat people has their own beautiful side and so do slim people. We should all accept ourselves for what we are.
Don't always look at someone else and think that "I wish I am skinny like her"
But, have you ever think that you are not her? You don't look like her. She looks good because that's how she look.. Remember that you are someone else too for other people.. ^^

*another story..
Because my friend want to be skinny and I want to gain a little bit more weight, my friend once asked me, "You would rather be fat or skinny?"
Now that I think of it... Hmmm..
It's kinda same question as you would rather be rape by a pedophile with an experience in raping girls, or you would rather raped by a bored homeless man?
Not as serious as the question that I thought of, but it's the same concept..
Because I don't want to be skinny either.. I want to look slim, with a normal body weight....

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