Thursday, March 21, 2013

Life and choices........

Here's a scenario...

I have a knife. I'm a big fat scary looking guy. I'm trying to rob you. I put the knife against your neck. Coincidently, you are holding a lot of money. Let's say your entire family fortune. So, I ask you, "Hey, gimme your money or I will slice your god damned throat!"
You are scared a hell, and you gimme the money.......

Later, you reach home, you tell your mom. "Mom, I was robbed. He was a big fat scary looking guy. He took all the money before I even reach the bank. I have no choice but to give him the money."

If I were your mum, I will say 2 things.
First, no. No, it's not that you have no choice. You made your choice. You chose to give him the money.
You may say that you have only one choice. That's why.........

Oh no...... You know you have other choices, like, you can choose to lighten my life burden, you know. You can  choose to die or something. Which comes to my second point....
I'm glad that you reach home save. As a mother, I choose my son over the money.

So, yeah.. Don't say that you have no choice but to do that. Same goes to lie...
You choose to lie over telling the truth to save your own ass. I mean......... ok, for example,

You killed your boyfriend. You still telling people that your boyfriend is overseas. Later, we found out that you killed him. Then you said, I have no choice but to lie. No, you made 2 choices. You chose to kill him, then you chose to lie about it. Even though it's something that you do out of self protection. You could have choose to tell the truth. I think people will respect that...... The TRUTH......

I know, real life is much harder than this.. But, you know.. Stop saying you have no choice........

Friday, March 15, 2013

Random things............

I just finish my last semester and now I needa do my FYP. Yep, im still alive....

Anyway.. you know, Americans are now making my childhood cartoon into "live actions" movie. I'm not saying that they are not great, but they are slowly ruining my childhood.

First, the "Dragon Ball."
When I saw the movie, I was like.. wtf? how come Goku is............. not Asian? and why Goku kissed Burma? Ewwww.. NO! he didn't look anything like Goku at all. Goku is a young innocent child. Not a horny young teenager.
After I saw Goku kissed Burma, I changed the channel. That's it!

I'm pretty sure I got a list for that kind of movies, but I'm currently in Indonesia so, this is the only one I can remember coz it hurts so much. Because as an Asian, our culture is more traditional I guess. Kissing is still something that's private and personal. or maybe it's just me... lol

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Jokes about school rules...

I saw the video talking about this somewhere else. I forgot where but I still remember the story.. So I wanna share it too.. haha

Well, you know, in school they have this rules where guys can't have long fringe. So, the bottom line in you can't have a fringe that is longer than your eyebrow. The school told me that it was because your fringe will prick your hair. This apply for both male and female..

Being a rebellious kid, when we were young, this guy said he got a solution for that...

Yes, the solution is to cut the hair...

Not the normal hair.. it's more like the small and short hair on your body..


Just shave the eyebrow. Then they can't have any standard or measurement whether it's now too long or not.
Hahahhaha. Ridiculous guy..

Anyway, back in my school, we used to have this rule where for guys, they cant have a long hair as well. Not only their fringe. When the teacher caught you, they will randomly cut your hair and make you look like shit. My friend was caught before. The next day, he saved bald. The teacher got angry again. WTF? They said that you cant shave your hair bald.

I seriously don't understand the school rules. It sounds so ridiculous and stupid to me. I can't have long hair? that's fine. I can't go bald as well? Zzz!

Well, maybe because I'm young, therefore I don't really understand. Let's see in 10 years time, will I still think the same? Haha...

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Jokes about school and exams......

Well, since it's almost the time for me to go for my exam, I'm going to blog about stupid stuff about school and exam...

First of all, math.. I fuckin hate math.. I don't even know why I need to study the fuckin logarithm, sinus, cosinus, tangen and shit like that. I won't be using any of them in future.. It's like a waste of my memory!
For example,

"Hey, what time is it now?"

Then, someone answer me with something like.......

"Ten minutes ago is exactly double the time of one hour from now on."

I will say FUCK YOU and look at my watch.. Did you get that kind of math question when you were in secondary school? What is the use of that? Btw, I don't even know whether that equation is correct. Sorry if I messed up a lil bit there.. haha

Same shit apply for age. I mean, no one will ever answer me with all those nonsense. If I ask "What is Anny's age?", no one will give me this crazy math equation. That's just ridiculous..

If Santa Was Asian
Stupid example of math question.
Fuck this, I'll just climb up and see what's next instead of solving this equation.

In real life, nobody will ask you to count the flower on the street. "I have one meter long ribbon. I will put flower every centimetre. How many flower I need?" Shut the fuck up! Lol, that's what I think when I was in secondary doing this kind of exam......

Who is Angela?!
Who is Angela? =_=
Who's Jack?
...Talking about crazy...

I don't find this useful at all, unelss you want to be an engineer or...... a math teacher.. I really can't think of any other job. Maybe you need it when you are cautious about getting into an accident? "With this speed, this gravitation, this force, this kinetics(?) bla bla bla, what is the maximum speed so that I won't be in an accident." But, by then you will be in coma already.. totally useless.. at least in my opinion.. lol

Now that I'm in university, I don't get that type of question any more. haha...

I want to share a joke that my lecturer said...
He told me that, "If we can do whatever we want and study anything for our exam, wouldn't it be great?"

Oh, for example tomorrow is history exam. I will go and study all about Japan's history. I barely touch the chapter of other country's history. The next day, I sit on the exam hall. I open the question paper and I saw the essay question, "Tell a story about France history."

Hmmm, I start to write... Well, I don't know much about the history of France, but I can tell you the history of Japan. Did you know that Japan's main cultural and religion were influenced from China? In the World War I, Japan........................... and so on..

What do you think? Haha..

Wouldn't it be great if you are able to do that? In my accounting exam, the question asked me about the CashFlow analysis and Ratio to measure the company's performance. I can just answer them, "Well, I don't know much about commenting but I do know that currently the share price of Apple is going down. Recently apple announce that they are gonna cut their production by 50%.The market is now........." and so on.. Hahaha.. How I wish I can do that...

But life likes to throw shit at people. So, yeah.. I can't do that.. So, I can only study for my exam. AND that's the reason why I can't blog that often now. I'll be studying and my last paper will be on mid April. After that, I'M FREE!! But not really. I need to find job.. Sigh... Still a very long way to go... Haha..

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

SNSD latest song I got a boy...

Oh my gawd... It's a mess!

I don't know where to begin with..
First of all, I'm not SNSD hater but at the same time I'm not a big fan.
I like some of their song.
But this? What the hell happen? Hurricane Sandy just hit them? Their hair look so messy.
Only jessica stay pretty as always. Haha

Some how, this MV remind me of Hyuna's latest song Ice cream and Wonder Girls song called Like This.
Btw, Hyuna has a great personality. She is cute and she is totally different when she is off stage. I like her a lot~ :D

Anyway, this style is a total mess. The song was not that good. The way they dress was a mess too.
It immediately disconnect from my imagination of SNSD. When I saw the image preview for this MV from the home page of my facebook page, I don't even know this is SNSD. I thought it was someone else.
Their worst MV so far....

I saw someone commented and deleted it before I even read it.. I don't know whether it's the comment about disagreeing or just a general comment. Well, to make things clear, I want to say something...

A simple example. You like strawberry and I like chocolate ice-cream.  It's not that I dislike strawberry ice-cream. I just have my own preference. One fine day, I said, "Hey, this strawberry ice-cream taste a bit weird. The strawberry packaging looks kinda ugly."
..... and BAM. You start saying that I'm stupid, I'm a cunt for not liking strawberry, I'm a strawberry hater. "It's a strawberry. I like it regardless. No matter how they look I will forever like strawberry"
Oh wow... I don't care and who do you think you are? You don't tell me what to like. I have my own preference. I was just expressing my opinion. That's all.
Different people have different opinion.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy new year 2013

This is just a short post to wish you all a happy new year.
I wish what you can't have in last year can be archive this year.
Good grades, marriage proposal, career success, and all those good things.. :D
I hope we all can be a better person in our own way and own perspective.

Cut all those laziness because as we grow old, time is precious.
Be filial to your parents because they won't be living any longer than you.
Kiss, hug, love them while you have the chance to.

Last but not least, be happy and a simple smile can make someone else's day...

Happy new year 2013