Monday, October 15, 2012

Super Barbie Eye Mavis Green review

In the picture of the model of Super Barbie model, they look quite pretty, especially mavis grey. But, I love green lens, so maybe I will take the grey color some other time. I love how the pattern of the lens is simple and it looks pretty.

When I first saw the pic of the model, I already knew that this lens is not a noticeable lens which is fine for me. Because I feel that noticeable green lens is just too creepy, or at least for my skin color.

Then, when I first saw the lens, I was like.... "Why the color is so ugly.. Looks like a dead grass color."
Haha, the green is not a really green color for me. It's like 90% dark green and 10% brown, grey, black, etc.

Let me show you what I'm talking about...

It looks more like a dark green color.

Let's start from the bright place....
Not very noticeable, even when I sit beside the window... but it looks fine..

It looks more like a black lens when I'm inside the room or the light is not very bright..

Over all, I will rate this lens 6.5/10

The comfort level is not very good. Not very comfortable, and I'm not gonna say not comfortable as well. So it's just moderate for me. I wore this lens to class, it din really give me much problem. The only problem I have is when I went out for more than 6 hours.

The design, I think this design is very simple. Like I said, it's simple and it looks nice. If you are looking for a simple lens design, definitely this is a right choice, but this lens is not noticeable. So, you may wanna look for other lens if you want a more noticeable lens. Also, this lens had no black outer ring, so I can say that this lens looks kinda "natural looking" in it's own way. Haha

Lastly, the color. This lens is suppose to be green in color, but it doesn't look like green to me. It looks like a dark green color. But then again, I think is because of the design where the combination of both black and green color is kinda mixed together.
If you are looking for greenish black lens color, then this is the perfect choice.. LOL

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