Sunday, March 4, 2012

LuxuryBabe lens spree!! Cheap and fast!! (passed)

Hei you!!

Yes! YOU!!

Are you looking for LuxuryBabe lens??
I am going to open a LuxuryBabe lens spree!! Interested??

The price:
1 to 5 pairs SGD20
6 to 10 pairs SGD19
11 to 25 pairs SGD18
26 to 50 pairs SGD17
51 to 100 pairs SGD16.5
postage is not included.. Check Here for postage service..
Use currency converter to convert to your country currency.

Payment method:
Singapore : POSB / DBS
Indonesia : BCA
Malaysia : MayBank and PublicBank
For other country, you can use remittance service to transfer your money!
All payment must be made before 25 April. If not, your order will be cancelled..

I ship the lens world wide. As long as you have postal service in your country, I can ship the lens to you.. Don't worry.. ^^
No lens case provided.. But you can get it for free!! (see below)
All LuxuryBabe series are available.. Check all the lens catalog HERE!
Degree available from 0 to 800 only..

I will close the spree once the lens has reach 50 pairs..
So, maybe around end of April.. and the lens will come 1 week after that.. For those who live in Singapore can get the lens 2 days after the lens reach me..
It's so FAST!! No need to wait so long after the spree close anymore! :D
But for those who use postage service, you need to wait quite sometimes depends on what kind of postage service you want to use.. Let's order together.. :D

I will be giving out free lens case for those who help me to like my photo contest BEFORE 7 MARCH.. Link FREE LIKE!
Click the link and just simply like the photo. That's all.. It's free and it's easy! :D
You can leave a comment said "good luck Keny" so that I know you liked my picture.. :)
Thank you so much.. 1 Like really mean a lot to me..

I'm desperate to win.. LOL
Not for iPad2, but I just don't like the feeling of losing.. I don't mind if I did not get the iPad2, I just want to win! hahahah

Ummm,, what else?
Any more questions just email me: with the message tittle "Inquiry regarding LuxuryBabe spree"
Because there are a lot of spam.. I seldom check my email..

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