Monday, July 30, 2012

Make Up product and Skin Care review and SALE

I like to buy make up products and skin care products but I rarely use them. I guess I'm a shoppaholic in buying those things. Like what my sister said, I like to buy useless multiply things that I won't be using. I can't buy only one, I have to buy at least two. I don't know why. I think probably because I don't like the feeling of regret. "Ohh, I wish I bought that item. They don't have it anymore now. No more stock." Something like that. I hope someone out there can relate this...

I love these skin care products, but I rarely use them... because I'm lazy, not because they are no good.
So, now I'm going to do a review and sell the items as well.
All the items I'm selling away are brand new! So no worry. I just can't resist myself to buy only 1 of them.

I will also sell them in discounted price, as in cheaper than the price when I bought them from the shop. I purchased these items at Watsons Singapore. So all the price will be stated in SGD, and discounted according to the normal shop price.

I only have one item each, so if you wanna buy, you can just comment below this post.. 

Shipping will be charge accordingly by Singpost service.

So, here it is...

Skin79 Hot Pink BB, Selling at SGD25
I saw a lot of good review regarding this BB cream so I bought it.
Even Jenna (frmheadtotoe), Ingrid (missglamorazzi) and Lindy (bubzbeauty) are complimenting this BB cream. So that made me want it even more.
I finally got one and used half a bottle for it..
I must say, this BB cream is very amazing. It has only one color but the color can really blends well with our natural skin color. When I first apply it, the color is kinda grey. But after 5 to 10 minutes the grey-ish undertone reduced and blends perfectly with my natural skin color. It's very impressive.
Also, this BB cream can also use as a whitening products, I'm not quite sure what it means but my wrinkles is definitely improved. I notice that my forehead did not show that much of wrinkles anymore after I use this product.
So, yeah.. This is a good buy..

Here are some picture if my BB cream
This is 3/5 pump. I usually only use 1/3 pump. Because a this product has a good coverage and maybe because I have a small face(?) so I don't really need it that much.
See, it's really a lot. If I accidentally use one pump, I think I can apply it for my neck and shoulder I guess. lol


I also have this Diamond collection.
Skin79 prestige BB cream, Selling atSGD35
This BB cream is really awesome! The color is neutral I guess.
It has no pink, no yellow, and no grey undertone.
I think this BB cream good for those who has a medium to fair skin color.
I finished this bottle last year and I don't have it with me anymore now.
I wish I can show you the picture of the product..
But trust me, this BB cream is worth the money. This BB cream is good for those who has a sensitive skin and acne prone skin. It definitely five you a flawless finish.
Also, it has a SPF in it, so you don't need to apply sunscreen.


Revlon Photo Ready Perfecting Primer, Selling at SGD30
It's near summer now, and this face primer is very good. This will really made your skin feel a lot smoother and softer. This face primer will also help your foundation and make up to stay longer. It's even better for you who have an oily skin, because this will help your make up to stay even when you sweat and your face is oily. I accidentally broke mine so I cant really show you how it looks like.
They only have one color for this I guess.

 Revlon Photo Ready Airbrush, Selling at SGD30
This is a foundation. This foundation is very good because it blends very easy! The texture of it is very liquid-y(?). And it's in foam.

 I had mine in Medium Beiege
This is only a small pump, not even half a pump. haha
See, when I pump it, the product come out in a foam form.
It's very easy to blend as well. Compare the color with Skin79.
Skin79 hot pink BB cream has a grey-ish color. But both of them work in a different way.


Tanaka White White and Firm Double Action Essence, Selling at SGD30
I never use this product before, but after I bought this product, I rarely see them anymore.
I don't know, maybe this product is a HOT product in Watsons. That's why it always out of stock. I still have a lot of skin care products, so I don't think that I'll be using this in any time soon.
But judging from the brand, Bio Essence is a very well known product for firming faces. And, as far as I know, this Tanaka edition is very good in their whitening and it's really proven.


Hope you guys enjoyed this short review, and please leave a comment or email me at:
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