Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Review on Dolly+ red

Here it is..

The review of my Vassen Dolly+ red lens, sponsored by Dolly Eyes.

I have been wearing this pair of lens for like 2 weeks. I really love this lens, other than the color that looks striking, this lens also feels very comfortable. When I first open this lens, I wore them for like 12 hours because I forgot that my friend asked me to hang out. It really reaches my expectation, because most of my friends notice that I wore a red lens. Here are some of the comments

“Your eyes... Wow, it looks demonic”

“What happen to your eyes?”

“It looks so scary”

“Wow, that’s cool. Where did you buy it?”

“Not suitable for you”

“I want them too!”

So, yeah.. If you are looking for that kind of comment on your contact lens, then I would recommend you buy this pair of lens. Dolly+ red.

Here are some pictures I took today at 3PM, with a cloudy sky lighting.





Camwhore time....






The picture of the lens itself.. It does not look as red as when I put them on. Maybe because my eyes are black in color, so when I put them on, the dark eyes simply enhanced the red color..

It looks as red as my Blood Donation gift..
"Give blood, Save lives"

It also look as red as my blood drink.. Haha, just kidding.. That's rose my syrup..
Here is another picture..

I love this lenses' color! :D

Lens close up under bathroom lighting..
Here is another one...

Just another pic of bathroom lighting..

And another one.......

The lens still looks red even in a quite far distance..
I consider this a noticeable lens..
But, when I walk on the street, not many people notice my red lens.. Even when I had an eye contact with them.. Then I ask my friend, "Is my lens not noticeable?"
"It is noticeable, very noticeable," she replied.

Close up look of the lens under the normal lighting..

The lens on my eyes...

My last camwhore pic..
It still looks red in color even with a blur vision...

Over all I love this lens. They are comfortable, they draw some attentions, they looks nice on me.. ^^

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  1. None of your pictures show up, like the picture link was broken. I reloaded and tried yesterday as well.