Sunday, April 1, 2012

Watsons Haul!! Part 1

Recently, Watsons just end their promotion.. I think it's called "Transit" or something where they give 7% discount for most of their items I think unless those Japanese imported product. So, I think this is my good opportunity to shop. haha.. And I was right! and wrong at the same time... :|

Ok, start from the wrong first.. I spend like 300 dollar over all on the products that I bought. But the good decision is that I saved 21 dollars, and those things that I bought are really cheaper because for Garnier product they have this special promotion. OMG my dreams came true..

I spend my money most is on whitening products. I bought shitloads of whitening product, put them on the shelves and put a joss stick, and pray hard that it will work. =_=
I really want to be a little bit whiter, because my friends are mostly whiter than me..

Anyway, here are the things that I bought~

Those plastic bags were things that I haven't even unpack because there are so may things that I need to see.. I've already use some of the things though~

First I will shoe off the fake eyelashes that I bought..
I want to share this Canmake eyelashes that I purchase. I really love them, and because of it I bought all of the available pairs.. =_= I'm a psycho bitch. I know...
They give me this animated look when I wear them.. hehe
It's more like a gyaru style I guess..

As exited as lashes 20, I really love this fake lashes too... :D I bought all of them, which only one left. OMG I felt so lucky.. LOL

Another Canmake eyelashes. But this one not so good. :( It feels so fake. Maybe it will look good with make up.. but make make up sucks... but I will try.. but I'm lazy... but......

Another fake eyelashes, but it wasn't made by Canmake. I don't know what is the brand, but this lower lashes looks so nice. I cant help myself not to buy it..
I used it already.. haha

The second category I want to share is the skin care items. I spend A LOT of money on Garnier product and Bio Essence, and hope that it will make me look whiter.. haha.. (Bitch, how white you want?)

First brand is Bio Essence..
The first item will be the Bio Essence whitening face mist. I don't know whether it will work or not. I never even heard about this product. LOL.. But then, I heard that Bio Essence brand is a good brand. So I want to try the whitening product and I pick this whitening mist. Since Singapore whether is kinda hot, sometimes a face mist can be very refreshing.

I used this already and..... I don't know.. I can't really tell the difference. Further, this is a face mist. What if I sprayed the thing unevenly? Will half of my face be white and another half will not change.. Ermm.. I think this one is not that effective lehh..

The worse thing is I bought two of them! Oh god.. Why....

Another Bio Essence product will be this White and Firm Double Action Essence. (Btw, both of this product was under this Tanaka White.) I haven't use it yet. So I don't know how the product will go..
Look very convincing...

Look at this woman.. So white and pretty. Can I be like her after I use this? I don't know.. I think she Photoshop this picture. That's why she look so pretty..

The packaging behind.. I can only read all the good stuff.. lol.. White, Firm, Moisturised, Cool..

Moving on to the second brand is Garnier. I think I buy ALL the whitening product, including the face scrap, facial foam, moisturiser, eye bag roller, and toner. I really hope it works.

The back side of the packaging.. 14 days?? Really?? I'll wait for it...

This is the facial foam and scrub. I used it and feel that it really is good. (By good I mean my face feel smooth. For the whitening part, I don't know.. Still feel the same..) So I went back again and bought more.. I bought in total 3 sets of them. That means I have 3 scrub and 3 facial foam.. :D

I haven't even open this one.. But it says there brightening.. So I bought it. It stated "with one million water molecules" ~ o.O

Garnier toner.. When I first use it, OMG!!! It HURT my face so bad! it's like I have a scar and I use alcohol to wipe it. Fuckin' hurt! But after that not so bad.. And it happen again the next day.. What?? But it eventually stop after a few days. Maybe it's because my face is too dirty.. hmm......

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