Saturday, September 29, 2012

Luxury Babe 26 Grey reviw

When I saw the pics of the model, my first reaction of this lens is, "OMG!! I love the design!!"
I love how the design make her eyes looks like it's sparkling.. Let me show you what I'm talking about..

I really love it. It looks so different from the previous lens that I've ever wear..

And then.... here is the pic of the lens itself..
I has the grey lens and my friend took the purple color.
I cant wait to try out the lens!

Just to show off, together, me and my friends we order a lot of luxury lens! haha

Here it is the pics of me wearing the lenses...

I was soooooooooooooooo disappointed!
I thought this lens will be noticeable and make my eyes look sparkling..
BUT it's not..
As you can see, it only look sparkle with flash. I can't go out and flash around my face, right?
OR maybe because I have a small Asian eyes. I don't know.. :(

It's not really that noticeable inside the room........

But it's a lil more noticeable under a normal sunlight...

Hmmmmmm.. :/

Overall, I will rate this lens a 7/10
First of all, this lens did not meet my expectation. I thought it will look nicer and more sparkling when I wear them, but NO.
The design is good and unique though. I really love it. But I will love it more when it's more noticeable. Inside a room, this lens look almost like a black lens........
Also, it's comfortable, BUT I think this lens have a factory mistake. I has this lens is plano, but it looks blurry as if this lens comes with degree in it. Just like my previous i.Fairy Ryusei Blue lens...

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