Friday, March 2, 2012

FREE brand new iPad2!! (passed)

Hei you all who live in Singapore!!
Do you have any appointment tomorrow??

No?? Then you don't need to be worry that you might end up alone tomorrow,
Because I just checked my phone.. and......

MDIS will conduct an open house!
We invite you to join our MDIS open house tomorrow,

3rd March 2012
The event is from 10AM to 6PM
At MDIS UniCampus, Queesntown..

You can ask any enquiry regarding school module, subject, University partner, and many more! A great opportunity for those of you who want to continue your study in Singapore...

Ummmm.. Ok.......
Then where is the free iPad2??

Free iPad2?? Of Course there is!

What you need to do is come to our open house, walk around and take picture, and the iPad2 can be yours!
As simple as that..

What?? Really???


What you need to do is to take picture that has related to our open house, and simply post it in our MDIS facebook page! MDIS Singapore

The most "like" stand a chance to WIN A FREE iPad2..

So easy???



So easy! This free brand new iPad2 can be yours!

My iPad...

And what I get for helping those winners? :/

Don't worry, those who liked the picture of the winner, will get a FREE Zinc Bag discount voucher!


For more information you can click this link HERE , HERE , and HERE !!

Faster grab your camera and get ready for tomorrow!
You don't need to have a professional camera like DSLR..
Simply use your Handphone camera.. As long as you still can see the picture inside.. haha

Not only iPad2, they will be giving away iTouch, and up to $2000 CASH rebates!
After all of this, there is no reason for not to go...

See you there....
I studied in MDIS btw....

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