Thursday, May 3, 2012

Circle Lens GIVE AWAY for FREE!! (PASSED)


~Changes in rule The 3 winners will be announced every Sunday!~

I have 12 pairs of vassen lenses that Dolly Eyes wanted me to try on..
So I was wondering, how to use them all in less than 2 years?? Because vassen's expiry date is on 2014, and I got sooooooo many lenses at home as well. I should stop buying lenses seriously..
Then, I figured out how to use them efficiently lol.. That is to GIVE IT AWAY! So that I can share my happiness with you all too.. are you exited?? I know I do

Here are the picture of the lens that I'll be giving away. I'll be giving away some of my lenses too..
Btw, all vassen lenses are plano. But I got supply of some degree lenses too!!

 Super Barbie Eye Crystal Brown
Super Barbie Eye Haimi Brown
 Super Barbie Eye Haimi Violet, Lush Blue
 Super Barbie Eye Sasha Grey
 Super Barbie Eye Moonlight Brown

And here are some degree lenses ^^
Super Barbie Eye Laura Grey 200/200
Super Barbie Eye Hybrid Brown 150/100
Dueba Dreammy.i Grey 500/500
Fynale Kitty Pink 100/100
Dueba Ace Black 300/300
Super Barbie Eye Scarlet Grey 450/450

And below are some vassen lenses.. all are 0 degree...

Vassen TA120

Vassen Super Crystal

Vassen TA72

Vassen TA62

Vassen TA70

Vassen TA69 Pink

Vassen TA69 Brown

Vassen Petal Series

Vassen TA62 Blue

Vassen TA120

You guys can google the name of the lens for more picture, but I think for vassen is quite hard to find.

Ok, moving on to the next step.. how to get the FREE lens?
It's very easy, two things....

  • First, is become a subscriber.. Follow my blog, you can follow with your twitter, google account, yahoo, and all of those social networking stuff. You can click follow at the side bar ^^
  • Secondly, leave comment on how did you find my blog? I mean how do you manage to find this blog? Leave your lens choices and email so that I can contact you and . Only one, don't be greedy.. haha Ermmm, and maybe you can also give some feedback for me(?).. ^^

I will pick 3 winners every two weeks..
Everyone have the equal chances to win! no biased..

Anyway, it's an absolutely free lens, and it's very easy to get it too..
So why miss the chance??

 Thank you for reading my blog


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  2. 1. DOne following! yey!!

    2. Ok, actually I want buy a lens, so I decided to search it on Facebook. Well I rarely wear softlens, but since my current lens almost expired, and I inspired of many blogger who used cute lenses soo I just want to buy it hahaha XD
    Then I dont know what should I do in FB, because I never buy lens in FB. But then I remembered one trusted Online shop that sell many cute lenses XD
    what I remember is just superbarbie lens. So i opened it, and realized that profile isnt updated anymore and there was a tagged from Dolly eyes ! Yeaaaa... I browse the catalogue and also dolly eyes's wall and found your blog..reading all of your lens review and tadaaa!! a giveaway!! at first i didnt realized this post OMG! but then I read carefully and yessss I want to get one of your lens!! hihi

    btw keep posting your review yaa.. it's so useful

    email :
    lens :Super Barbie Eye Hybrid Brown 150/100
    i want this lens so bad, and too lazy to join po hahaha I really hope i get it XD

    sorry for too long answer!!
    btw i removed the first comment coz I mispelled Dolly eyes with dolly eye :3

  3. 1. followed :3

    2. I found this blog through Lens Corner on Facebook *U* I actually always check back on Lens Corner's page to read through the reviews ^^ I always search for reviews before buying lens and I just LOVE your reviews :D and you have SOOOO many reviews to compare with too which is also why I love checking out your blog/facebook page!

    email :
    lens : Vassen TA69 Brown (I think these lens would really suit my personality ^3^Y)

    and thank you so much for hosting this give-away~ it's very thoughtful of you ^^ ;3 <3

  4. waaa.. i am very happy found this blog..!!

    1. followed!! I don't have blog actually, but fortunately I had google account :DD
    2. found this georgeous blog accidently :D i want buy hello kitty circle lens because it is so cute. my friend sell it in BBM. as a hellokitty lover, seriously, who can resist it?! xixixi :3 so, before i buy it of course i need to do some research lol . I googled "fynale hello kitty pink lens review" and your blog comes out as the result. hey, i think you did a great review,compare to another blog <3
    and I just freaked out when I found this post .. because -1.00 and fynale hello kitty pink?? seriously it's really purrrfect for meeeee :DD
    and one thing that made me happy issss u're an Indonesian..lucky me so I can join this giveaway! beside in normal price dolly eyes has lower price than my friend's..
    so if i didnt win, I would like to PO in dolly eyes, thanks for da link beybh!!

    email :
    lens : Fynale Kitty Pink 100/100


  5. 1. done huni :*
    2. actually this is my friend's blog..huaahahahaha
    but seriously i dont wanna cheat ^^
    found this blog?i guess Keny give it to me personally to read it at the first time
    but nowadays,,i guess it's easy to find this blog..u can find it's on #2 or page 2 in google searching result
    im also a circle lens addicted,,when i know u made a giveaway,,what's my reason not to join?kawokaowkoakwo...
    keep bloggin' huni~ u've made a lot of improvement ^o^

    email :
    lens : mostly i have ur lens or already ever wear them xDD but SUPER BARBIE SASHA GREY is okay~


  6. 1. done! though i don't have blog, i have google account :D
    2. actually, i love browsing and looking at different pages in facebook that sells circle lenses though i don't actually buy one. It's because I don't have money to buy one, that's the reason. *sigh* then, when I opened my FB account now, there's an 'event invitation' from dolly eyes saying that there's free contact lens for giveaway so I clicked the link and found this blog of yours. So, that's the reason why i joined here..keke♥
    keep blogging.. maybe one of this day, imma try blogging too..ahahah

    lens: Dueba Ace Black 300/300

    :D :*

  7. 1.Followed!

    2. I would say I found your blog through facebook and although I did not buy from you before , I do know that your service is great ^^ .
    The idea of giving away your lenses that you think you can't use them all within 2 years. I also felt its a good idea as it is not wasteful. I really like contact lenses and the ones you sell are absolutly beautiful!
    I hope to buy from you one day and keep updating! :D

    Lenses : Lush Blue

  8. 1. I'm one of your blog subscribers nao! XD

    2. I visit this page because of the event invitation you sent to me via Facebook.. Tehee.. But actually I have visited this blog several times via the almighty Google search engine when I tried to search some reviews about Dueba lenses.. :p
    Well, I still remember the first time I bought a pair of Dueba lenses from you in July 2010.. You gave me some advices regarding the huge size of lenses, the design etc etc.. You even spared your time to read and reply to my nonsense curcol XD You're so friendly and generous, too T___T You even promised to give me, your first-time buyer, some discounts for my next purchase.. (But sadly I haven't got any chance to buy lenses from you again :/ )
    I found your advices back then very useful because I always feel like trying different brand of circle lenses but I'm too afraid to try other brands aside from Geo.. Your advices back then reassured me, you know :)
    So for you, future customers, do not hesitate to purchase lenses from Dolly Eyes @ Facebook! XD
    *Eeeek, I should stop this way of writing comment or else it'll end up as another curcol lol*

    Regarding your blogposts.. I really like the way you write the reviews.. They're quite objective and fun-to-read :D
    So in the future, please keep writing and reviewing new circle lenses, sist Kenny! XD
    (Forgive my bad English grammar. le sigh)

    My lens choice: Vassen Super Crystal (Issit pink lenses?? Or red? Sooo cool, I'd like to try lenses with unusual colour like this one 8D)

  9. 1 . followed !! :D

    2 . i found this blog from dolly eyes's acc wall and the event keny invite me on facebook . actually i want to buy lens from keny . when i see this on the first time i think it's not easy to get the free lens , so i'm not expecting to get the free lens , but i'll nice if i be the winner :D <3

    Super Barbie Eye Laura Grey 200/200

  10. 1. I have followed :D <3
    2. My friend actually told me to sign up for this event ^^ hahaz. I love wearing contacts, but I usually only get a chance to wear GEO lens so I would LOVE to try a new pair out :D <3

    lens: Super Barbie Eye Moonlight Brown ^^ SO PRETTY!!!

  11. 1.Just Followed ^^
    2.I know this page from ur invitation to follow event on FB , so i check the page and found this blogg ..
    lens:Dueba Ace black 300/300

  12. 1. Done..

    2. i know your page from dolly eyes... actually i'm always want to try this lens.. bcoz geo lens so uncomfort and make my eyes dry... i know vassen water more than geo.. can suitable with my eyes... and i want try the lens i want bcoz i like the color..

    email :
    lens : Vassen TA62 Blue plano

  13. 1. I followed ( WOOP WOOP! 8) ... Too much sweets.. )

    2. I was recommended, I'm sorta new in this Gyaru fashion thing..
    I've just wanted to try this kind of thing because it's been highly commended and people really like the effect.

    ( ^ I know it sounds pretty lame U_U')

    Email :

    Lens: Vassen TA69 Brown

  14. I followed :)

    I found your blog while searching for contact lens reviews! Your blog is a great source if I want to see what a lot of the circle lens look like when worn.

    Is this giveaway for international subscribers too? I live in the US.
    Lens: Vassen TA69 Brown

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. I followed ^o^

    i found your blog when i searching review i-fairy lens, then i see at FB, U Make a give away then i join althought not degree, but i love vasses lens ><,

    lens : Vassen Super Crystal

    Arigato >< !

  16. 1. Followed!

    2. I was researching on circle lenses i wanted to buy (I.Fairy Cara Series) and google gave me a link to here. BTW, i'm still waiting for that review ^_^ and thats basically how i found this website. After looking at that blog post I went to the home page and found this giveaway.

    Lens: Vassen Super Crystal (I really love this pair! I've never had such an unusal color of lenses as these pretty pair. I really love this pair and the series i heard were very good ^ ^)


  17. 1. already Followed! ♥

    2. hi there! i found your blog, when i was searching for I-Fairy lenses review, because i just started my own lens review from my own blog and honestly, i'm reading other circle lenses review so that i'll know how to start one..:D. Then your giveaway caught my eye.. ^_^

    3. email:
    lens: i really liked Vassen TA62 Blue, but any lens will do.. :)

    thank you soo much for this giveaway..:D if i win, i might do this for a review also, of course sponsored by you ^_^

  18. First of all, I would like to say thank you for all of your comments and for participating in this give away event..

    Winners was announced yesterday..
    Check out the latest blog post.

    Congratulation for the winners, and for you who are still vacant, you still have the chance to win the lens again!
    10 winners will be chosen in two weeks time.


  19. 1.follow ^^

    i see this bloq from fb, i buy lense from u bfore n with d other ol shop. when i wear ur lense its feel very comfortable like in our eye didnt wear anythinq, n when i wear lens from the other lens shop just for half hour my eyesight like kind of bluur n fell very dry. for u quys who wanna buy lens, i very suqqest to his ol shop :3

    lens : Vassen TA69 Pink

    thank kyuuu for qivinq free lens

  20. 1. Followed you :) [GFC: Melody Chiu]

    2. I found your blog while searching for "barbie eyes giveaway 2012" thats literally what i typed in the google search box XD. Then i saw ur blog that said "FREE" and i love the word "Free" XD uhm any advice for you? uhmm, not really haha sorry.

    lens: Super Barbie Eye Moonlight Brown or any neutral colored 0.00 lens


  21. followed

    iknow ur blog from frend, bfore i really wan to buy lens. bud dun hav budget *hiiiikz. then my fren say have giveaway lens so wanna try my luck here ^^

    lens :Vassen TA70

    thanks for giveaway

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  25. 1) Followed ^^

    2) I was just searching the net for some contact lens reviews ! Then i got into yours ^^ you have really useful reviews on contact lens! Thanks so much for the reviews and giveaways ^^

    3) Lens : Vassen TA120 in black or some natural looking lenses ^^