Sunday, April 8, 2012

Monolid Become Double Eyelids (with fynale kitty lens)

My previous blog entry was about this circle lens called Hello Kitty which I purchase from Fynale.
I show it to my friend and she was like, "People can't see because your eyes are too small. You are an Asian, so you have a small eyes.. Therefore the lens won't look as vibrant.."
Ok then, I go to one corner and cry first...

She kept stressing that I have this Asian eyes, that's why the lens become no good.. :(
I'm very sad, but at the same time I feel that's some funny way of thinking.. Yes, I am Asian.. But that doesn't mean that all Asian have this small eyes. You see, some Asian has a double eyelid ever since they were born. And some of them have huge eyes...

And oh yaa, Asians are not equals to China/Chinese.. Asians include Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Cambodian, Thailand and many more.. If you think that Asians = Chinese, basically is the same thinking as luxury cars = Lamborghini. Not all luxury cars are from Lamborghini.. You get what I mean?

Anyway, back to the main problem... Ya, I have this Asian eyes.. So?? These days technology are so advance that people with single eyelid can become double eyelid in anytime they want..


First choice will be plastic surgery. I really want to get my eyes done.. But my parents said wait for a while, we'll see how the future will be. I'm still young and maybe I want to change my mind someday? And I thought.. Hmmmm.. Quite true.. Plastic surgery is like a permanent make up, but it's even better than make up. I don't mind doing plastic surgery and get my eyelid done, c0z I already saw how does the after look like.. Which is by the second choice....

Second choice is by double eyelid tape. This is how the double eyelid tape should look like...

I literally use the double eyelid tape.. LOL.. Some people use the eyelid sticker that has already made-up. But I don't like that. It's not gonna fit my eyelid perfectly.. and sometimes the measurement is different on each eyelid tape. So it's not accurate I guess...

This double eyelid tape is the type of tape that you need to cut it with your instinct.. hahaha
Why you ask? Because at first I also don't know what is the correct tape size for my eyelid. So I just randomly cut the tape and try to measure, see the soaked part of my eyes and carefully redo.. I remember once redo'ed for a few times and my eyelid swollen because I keep put it on and take it off.. My eyes were ridiculously big on one side only.. Learn from my lesson, try to do carefully...

The third method is fake eye lashes.. This false lashes can be very tricky sometimes. And how does this fake lashes help you to create this double eyelids? It's easy once you know and get used to it..
First of all, I have this single eyelid where the eyelash part of my eyelid fold inwards so instead of creating this double eyelids, it became monolid. I think because of this, fake lashes can create a double eyelids on my eyes. Because the inner part fold outwards and therefore the lashes part push my eyelid up and create this double eyelids.. I don't know whether you understand because it's so hard to explain because different eyes have this different type of lids.. So I don't know whether this can work on you.. It might not. Who knows~

Ok, back to the fake lashes method.. The first is, you must know what kind of lashes can help you create this double eyelids. From my experience, I think those with a hard/thick lash bone(?) generally can help to push my lids up and create this double eyelids. It's not very significant double eyelids.. But you still can see the the folded part.. Here are some pictures to demonstrate...

Oh yaa.. before that.. You need to put on eyeliner so that your eyes wont look weird. Why?? Without this eyeliner, people can see where is the edge of the fake eyelashes, and it won't look nice..

This is the eyeliner that I use..

This is K-Palette 24 hours eyeliner.. It's not as good as advertised.. :(
This is my second time purchasing this eyeliner.. I thought that, maybe my first eyeliner is not that good or possibly fake(?) =_=
So I buy this again.. and still... :(

This is the eyeliner itself~ ^^

This is the eyeliner's tip/applicator..

lol my eyes...

Bunny!! :D

Camwhore pose I learn from Xiaxue.. haha :P

Forever alone? haha

I kinds dislike it when I laugh, my eyes are missing.. I sometimes stop, c0z this random thing came across my mind.. Someone may ask me something like, "Hei, open your eyes.." =_=
So here it is.. I don't need to worry about it now~ :D

Can you see my eyes?? :D haha

And I bluff people to think that I have this big eyes (with a proper make up).. hahaha
Because girls with big eyes are generally pretty?? (stereotype)

Here are some close up picture..

Can see the double eyelids right??

*Remember to curl your lashes so that won't look so horrible like what I did.*

Now.. again.. Is the Hello kitty lens noticeable?? I think not much different though....

Anyway, that's all from my tips for you who has this monolid and want to have this double eyelids without surgery.. But personally I prefer surgery though,because it's not as troublesome....

Thank you for reading..
Feel free to leave a comment..

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