Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It's holiday now!!

I've been out of town since last Sunday.. So, all those post you see after 27th May are all scheduled post.. hehe
I'll be blogging soon.. stay tune... love you all.. 

Oh ya, I'll be going to Lagoi for holiday.. You can google that..
I guess lagoi is the name of the place. Inside Lagoi has various resorts. Those are very good resorts..
I'll be going to Nirwana Resort and stay at one of the Villa there..
I'll blog about that when I reach Singapore, c0z I didn't bring my laptop over. 

Hope you guys are doing fine..
Thank you for reading my blog~ 

OH!! 1 more thing...
Please leave a comment on what you guys wanna see in the school blog..
I was asked to blog in my school blog.. Frankly speaking, I never blog in a formal way... and I don't know what to blog about too..
So if you guys can leave me some idea or anything you guys wanna see in the school blog, it will be a great help..

Thank you.. 

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