Friday, June 29, 2012

i.Fairy Nova grey review

I have to time to take another pic, but I've been wearing this lens for a week now..
This lens looks nice in my opinion.. And it's good for picture taking.. It's not very bright, but it's noticeable.. I love it!

These pics were taken after I reached home at night..
I didn't take any pic when I go out
So, sorry if my face looks tired or the make up is smudgy..

Here is the pic of the Lens..
Pic was taken from Google c0z I have no time to snap the pic of the lens..
I've been quite busy this few days.. x(

It's not that noticeable, but it will be when it's under a day light..

Here are some pic with flash

This is another day of my outing with friends~
You can see that I was wearing lenses right...
Grey eyes

Over all, the lens is very comfortable. I can wear them for whole day with no problem. It looks nice, and I like the colors that it shows. The design is very good as well.. It's unique. I like it..
I will rate this 9/10

After sometimes, I feel that this lens is not suitable for school. It looks a bit weird. Maybe this lens will look good if you wear them to shopping or party. But I still love it!

Up till now, I still think that this lens is unique.. and I like it a lot! :D


  1. Ah-- that grey is so pretty! <333 I bet they really ARE gorgeous, too, in sunlight. :]

    It's also good that they're so comfy~.

    1. Hey there.. omg, I read your blog too.. haha
      Your reviews are awesome.. :D

      Yah, this lens is very comfortable.
      I'm going to do the day light review soon as well. <3
      heopfully :P