Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bag Collections!

Exactly one month ago, I receive a present that was sent by Dreamie Chuppa for my birthday.
Before that, she told me that she would sent me a present. I wasn't so sure what it is, because the owner wanted to keep it as a surprise. That's so sweet of her.. :D

I keep guessing, what will it be. Is it another contact lenses? That would be nice.. Or a set or fake eye lashes? That would be nice as well.. haha

I remember that time I was already in Singapore, so I wasn't the one who receive the parcel. My parents didn't tell me about it and I thought it might be lost, because Indonesia's shipping service is kinda suck. But when they came to Singapore, I asked them, "Is there any packet for me?" Then, they show me a packet.

I looked inside.. and omg.. It's a bag! It's so cute. I immediately send a message to Dreamie Chuppa said that I have receive the parcel. She told me that it's a hand made bag, which I like the the most.

The stitches is not very neat, but still acceptable because this is a handmade bag. It's a leather bag and the color is so cute. I like the design. I never own any bag like this before.. Thank you.. :D

It's good for shopping or when I don't want to carry so many things when I go out

You guys should check Dreamie Chuppa's collections. Her shop is like a paradise for girls who like to shop for make up, fake eye lashes, contact lenses, Korean bags, clothes, etc.
All currencies are stated in IDR (Indonesian Rupiah), so if you are not from Indonesia, you can simply convert the currency into your own country's currency.

Mention kenyco, and get a 5% discount for every purchase of contact lenses!

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