Friday, September 21, 2012

What I think about iPhone 5

Well.. I used iPhone before.. For me, iPhone is fun. There are a lot of game apps in apps store, which won't make me feel bored. I love it, at least until it started to give me a lot of problems. Now, I'm using BlackBerry which also starting to give me quite a lot of problems as well.

Now, straight to the point, iPhone 5. For me, I think, Apple is very innovative. BUT From iPhone 4 to 5, there are not much differences. It's just a lil bit thinner, a lil bit lighter, a lil big taller screen and so on.

I mean, when 3gs released, people start to praise it and say how good that shit is.
Soon, when iPhone 4S were about to release, people start to say how good that phone is going to be. How it has this retina function, it's lighter, they have this antenna on the side of the phone which make the phone *????* I don't know what's that antenna on the side of the phone for.. lol... and bla bla bla......

In the end?

When the phone released people started to complain about it. iPhone 4S sucks, the signal sucks, and said that iPhone 3gs is actually a better phone(?)

So....... this time iPhone 5 is about to release. People start to talk about it and say how good this phone is going to be. It's lighter, it has bigger screen, it has this has that.. But hey.... iPhone 4S can download the same iOS 6 (which iPhone 5 has) inside their iPhone 4S. Means what? For me, I think this means that what's inside iPhone 5 is inside iPhone 4S as well. (I'm sorry if I'm wrong).

Because, from what I know, the iPhone 5 has different appearance and that's it. I don't think that there will be any program or any changes inside the phone. Maybe, it will be faster than iPhone 4S, but from my experience, iPhone starts to give problems after 8 to 12 months of usage. It started to get very laggy, home button not responsive, the camera not functioning properly and so on.... So for me, it doesn't make any much differences.

Soon enough, we will hear people start to complain how this phone sucks. We'll see about that..

Let's watch this iPhone 5 trailer...

Now that I think about it...... Why? Why?? Why are people doing this? I mean, before this world has iPhone, people are perfectly fine with Nokia that has nothing in it. No color, no camera, no touchscreen, no shit inside. Now it seems like nothing is enough. People keep asking for more....

I mean, it's not a bad thing... but, hey.. Are you serious? You buy this iPhone 5 just because there's a slight change in your phone? and all of the sudden, iPhone 4S sucks? Come on......

For me, iPhone is over priced.

I saw this Samsung ads in youtube,

"The best thing in life are never just in Black and White."

I laugh damn hard! I was like, "hahahha, they are attacking iPhone."
I don't know whether you guys know, but Samsung lost to Apple because Apple claim that Samsung is stealing Apple's idea in design of the S3 if I'm not mistaken.

THEN, I saw this other ads....

You like iPhone? You like iPad?
Buy Samsung products! We have more reasonable price.
Even Apple think that we are similar.

Also, they did this comparison of iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S3 side by side. 
This means WAR! hahaha

For those people who are excited with this iPhone 5, my question is, is it necessary? Do you really want to buy this phone? What is the difference from the iPhone 4S? Not much..... really...

I mean, if Apple want to release a better phone, at least give me the features that I need.. 

For example.....

Let's see...

Mini cooking stove maybe? The phone has this features where it can turn very hot and I can simply put my pan on top and cook on it.

or for guys.. iPhone has this function where it can help you to shave. haha

or maybe iPhone give me this features where I can tell whether my enemy is sad. So I can find joy out of it.. hahaha

That's nonsense.. I know....

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