Friday, March 15, 2013

Random things............

I just finish my last semester and now I needa do my FYP. Yep, im still alive....

Anyway.. you know, Americans are now making my childhood cartoon into "live actions" movie. I'm not saying that they are not great, but they are slowly ruining my childhood.

First, the "Dragon Ball."
When I saw the movie, I was like.. wtf? how come Goku is............. not Asian? and why Goku kissed Burma? Ewwww.. NO! he didn't look anything like Goku at all. Goku is a young innocent child. Not a horny young teenager.
After I saw Goku kissed Burma, I changed the channel. That's it!

I'm pretty sure I got a list for that kind of movies, but I'm currently in Indonesia so, this is the only one I can remember coz it hurts so much. Because as an Asian, our culture is more traditional I guess. Kissing is still something that's private and personal. or maybe it's just me... lol

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