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Fujitsu Mini Instax 25S Limited Edition in PINK!

This time it's not a circle lens review or random nonsense. Today I'm going to review something different, which is my polaroid camera! I've had this camera for like 4 months now and I really love it.

I decided to buy this camera when I saw my friend, Limy, use this when we went out. I find her polaroid camera was very cute, because the picture will be printed on the spot.

The only bad thing I can think of is that, no matter the picture is good or bad, the picture will still be printed out. So, if you look like shit when the picture was snapped, it's like a big "FUCK YOU" in the face... and you wasted one film.

The way I look at this is that this is good for memory keeping. For myself, I don't really care whether I look good or bad (as long as it's still acceptable), what I care most is the precious moment and the memory that captured. I only look like this or look young once, and after this maybe I have scratch on my face and look ugly for the rest of my life. So the present moment is the moment that I treasure..

When you take picture in your digital camera and you didn't print it out means that the picture will be there forever. You can't really share them to other people (because it's in your mobile or camera) unless you upload it in facebook, twitter, or blog. Which means you might lost it somehow or even forget it.

But, like I said, the social media and internet are now very advance so people can just take the pic and put it in facebook. No one cherish tangible album anymore. lol

When I print it out, and put it into an album, it's easier. I can just flip through the album and see anytime I want. I can show them to people as well, like people who visit my house, or even my grand daughter.  

"Ah ma used to look like this!" 

Even though, sometimes it may be a very bad picture (because there is no delete button, once it's printed means that's it.), it's still a memory. More like a bad memory I guess. Haha, but the memory is priceless!

Enough talking, now I'm going to proceed to my sweetie pie Limited Edition Fujitsu Mini Instax 25S Pink camera. What a long name, lol.

Well, when I first saw this, I was like, "Oh my gawd.. This is so pretty!!"
Limy, my friend has it in white (I remembered it wrongly. Instead, she has it in brown), I can't buy the same color as her. Because hers was given by her boyfriend. It's special! I can't buy the same color as her, it's no longer special. Right?

Oh ya, her camera was Mini Instax 7S, the fat one. So, I decide not to buy the same model. I'll just look  for another one. Again, because hers is special.. Haha..

So, when I saw this pink, I was so happy!

First of all, it's pink. Secondly, it's cute. Thirdly, it's a limited edition! I don't know whether it's true or not though, but it says there limited edition and I searched in internet, it says so too. So, I guess it's true.

And, so yeah... I bought it... It cost me around 150 over all including shipping fees because it was shipped directly from Korea. Can you imagine that? I mean, Fujitsu is a Japanese company, and this shit was shipped from fuckin Korea?? Come on......

Anyway, I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo exited when a huge parcel (wrapped in pink plastic wrapper) reached my house..

Oh? Did I say my house? I mean MY FUCKIN MAIL BOX!!

Gladly it's not like this!  LOL
Photo was taken from google

Why the fuck this particular logistic company be so inconsiderate? I mean, bitch, you can simply go to 8th floor and  press the bell. I was at home! Also, Singapore mailbox is not as big as the pic above. Singapore mailbox is like half of that. That's how small that thing is!

For you to just stuffed my parcel inside the fuckin mail box is like....... wtf? Can't you see I got other things inside? Can't you see I got other document or mail inside?? and this post service is called SingPost!

I can't take it, I needa rant! lol

Here, let me show you how the parcel looked like when I took them out. Luckily this parcel has a plastic thing where I can just pull it out (and all my fuckin mail fell to the grown).

It's very ugly and unprofesional.. lol

This is all the items inside.. Nicely wrapped with bubble wrap..

Opening up~ So excited! :D
Look at the sexy curved camera.
My first impression was, "So cute!"
It's the camera's accessories.
From left to right, close up lens, CR2 Battery (it's different from normal battery in market), camera strap.
The camera itself. Sexy??
How it look from behind
 The camera fits perfectly in the cover

I really, really, love this camera. This is my first polaroid and I didn't even think of getting another one. That's how much I love it. 

If you know me in real life, I spend money like breathing. Once I breath in, I spend 50 dollars. In my dictionary, there's no such thing as enough. I have tons of shoes at home that I bought that I never even touch them before. They are still neatly stayed in the box. Sometimes I don't even know what's inside. Also my circle lens, I have like 200 pairs on my table now.

As for this, I didn't even think of any other model that's as pretty as this. I love it. I love the cover, I love the color, I love the close up lens, I love the look of it, I love everything.. LOL!

Also, I bought 100 films just for this camera. To make it look nice and cute, I bought the Rilakuma Cartoon Films.

Overall, I will rate this 11/10

Yes I failed my fuckin Math. You got problem with that?
It's simply because I love it. Maybe there's this low expectation factor as well.

For me, I don't really have this high expectation for thing's that I buy online. I usually think that it's cheap and it's made in China, and I have a HUGE problems with things that are made in China. I don't even touch my iPhone anymore now simply because it was assembled in China.

But that's not my point

My point is, I did not really expect anything from this purchase. So, when it came, I was so happy and satisfied.. lol.

The picture quality is good as well. But it get's blurry or out of focus when I try to take a pic of myself. Which means this camera can't take picture in a close range or camwhore.

Also, I got compliments for this camera not for me.
There was once I asked someone to help me take a picture of me and my friend and this particular person said, "This is so cute." and it's a he.

What I like about this camera is that it will print out the tangible picture so that I can put it in my physical album. Therefore, I can let people see and browse around.

When the films were out, you can write on the white part of the films. So it's kind of an add on to the memory that was saved. Also, when I put in my album, I tend to put some comment below, like who took the pic, where this pic was taken, date, and what I think about that moment.

Another thing, this camera is different from Mini 7S. Mini 7S is more manual. Means, you needa manually pull the lens out to turn it on, manually adjust the lighting or setting.. Whereas 25S have a switch button to turn it on, and it has 2 buttons for changing the setting..

What's not so good about this is, it's not very convenient. As in, when I'm going out and I put this camera inside my bag, it feels kinda heavy. Maybe because I'm not used to it. But up till now, I still feel that it's kinda heavy. So what I did is, I only bring this when I'm going out to a special event. Like birthday, outing, Halloween(?), beach, trip to Japan, I don't know....... Anywhere!

I don't think I will bring this camera if I go to school or just a normal shopping. It's kinda redundant because I needa buy the films and I don't want to waste the films for a ridiculous ugly and nonsense pics. For normal shot that I don't really care, I will use my BlackBerry or Fujitsu F-02D or Olympus.

More pics~

It looks like a bag.. So if I did not bring anything, I can just carry it like this

Power switch to turn it on.

This is how it looks like from the front when it's on.

From behind, you can see that it's stated there, I have only 5 films left.
The two button on the left is for setting.
L = Light
D = Dark
The thunder is for close object
The mountain is for big object like building

My own album!

Store the memory forever in this book~

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  1. Hi! I found your blog while searching for some coloured contacts to try. Am looking for the Super Barbie Hybrid Brown lens... I have never bought any coloured lenses online before... Do u know a good blogshop online I can try that delivers to Singapore?