Wednesday, January 2, 2013

SNSD latest song I got a boy...

Oh my gawd... It's a mess!

I don't know where to begin with..
First of all, I'm not SNSD hater but at the same time I'm not a big fan.
I like some of their song.
But this? What the hell happen? Hurricane Sandy just hit them? Their hair look so messy.
Only jessica stay pretty as always. Haha

Some how, this MV remind me of Hyuna's latest song Ice cream and Wonder Girls song called Like This.
Btw, Hyuna has a great personality. She is cute and she is totally different when she is off stage. I like her a lot~ :D

Anyway, this style is a total mess. The song was not that good. The way they dress was a mess too.
It immediately disconnect from my imagination of SNSD. When I saw the image preview for this MV from the home page of my facebook page, I don't even know this is SNSD. I thought it was someone else.
Their worst MV so far....

I saw someone commented and deleted it before I even read it.. I don't know whether it's the comment about disagreeing or just a general comment. Well, to make things clear, I want to say something...

A simple example. You like strawberry and I like chocolate ice-cream.  It's not that I dislike strawberry ice-cream. I just have my own preference. One fine day, I said, "Hey, this strawberry ice-cream taste a bit weird. The strawberry packaging looks kinda ugly."
..... and BAM. You start saying that I'm stupid, I'm a cunt for not liking strawberry, I'm a strawberry hater. "It's a strawberry. I like it regardless. No matter how they look I will forever like strawberry"
Oh wow... I don't care and who do you think you are? You don't tell me what to like. I have my own preference. I was just expressing my opinion. That's all.
Different people have different opinion.


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  2. I'm the same as you are,not a hater of SNSD but not a big fan either. IMHO I think this MV is a bit unlike them too cause actually the image of SNSD in my mind was always sweet and girly but wow after seeing this MV I think it's a little bit like 2NE1? The street style thingy. Just my opinion tho :)

    1. Yesh, this MV is so not like their style.. O.O
      and yes, it appears to be similar to their style as well..

      Sometime changing styles is not a very good choice.. haha