Monday, December 17, 2012

People that pissed me off!

Let me go straight to the point.....

1. People who reply one word text

I'm not talking about those people who reply one word text because that's the answer. It would be weird if people try to avoid one word text because they know that it pissed me off...
"Hey what is your name?"
You can't force someone to reply more... like,
"Keny Keny Keny Keny Keny"
That's stupid
I'm talking about this....
"Hey, where should we go for revision? Library or Starbucks?"
What's that suppose to mean? Yes? Means what....?
I was confused.. lol

It not very surprising how lazy people can be. Did you even read? What the fuck is yes?

Maybe she was in the middle of something that's why she reply me with "Yes." She think by answering yes, roughly it will answer all the problems.. But that's not appropriate and it's stupid. Can you imagine, you were the bomb squad.... You are not sure which cable to cut and you asked,

"Which cable should I cut? The red cable or yellow cable?"

and the person replied you, "Yes"

and then........... BOOOOOM!!!

everyone die...

"Yes" is not the answer for everything......

If God answer YES to everybody, to every prayer, to every wish, to everything, this world will be in a big chaos. "God please let me win the lottery," and the answer is yes. Then everyone won the lottery. If I'm not mistaken, lottery has only one price. So, if everyone win, the money will be divided by the amount of the winner. 1 Million dollars price divided by one million winners. So, one person only gain one dollar from this. Is this good?

I think I'm out of the topic.....

......AND SO IS "K"
Gosh.. I really hate it when people answer me with one word text. It's usually cause some problem like that.

Firstly, you make me think that you don't want to talk to me anymore. "K" is like a universal language for Bitch, I don't wanna talk to you anymore. 

When you reply "K" to me, not only I will stop messaging you, but I also will drive all the way to your house and kick you in the face....... Well at least in my mind.

"Hey, wanna go out?"

What's that suppose to mean? You don't wanna go but you forced yourself to reply. Is that what you mean? Or maybe it's only me? Because I'm socially awkward, so I tend to get paranoid over things like this.
But for me, really, if you reply me "K" it's like a good bye.. lol.. Don't do that.. it's driving me nuts......

2. Slow driver

Well, if I have the money and time, I will probably sue all those slow driver. It's another thing that drives me nuts!

First of all, the road was empty. Why the fuck were you driving so slow? I mean, I'm a slow driver myself, but this particular slow driver is taking this to a whole new level.

I was driving the other day and this particular car cut me. That's fine bec0z maybe I'm too slow for him (it's a guy btw).

THEN, he fuckin slow down. 

What the.......... If you wanna cut me, means you needa drive faster, I'm too slow for you, you are in a rush... But why the fuck you drive slower when you are in front of me? There was nothing in front of him as well.

I needa buy food for my lunch, I was hungry. So, I cut him again. This time I drive a lil bit faster. There he goes again, he drive pass me again and went slow when he was in front of me...

Isn't that annoying??

That's just an extraordinary example.. Not all human being are an asshole.
There are some other slow driver that driving me nuts too. If you are on the right lane and you drive 30km/h, you deserve to be hit by another car. I'm in Asia, Indonesia in particular. Right lane is used for those who wanna drive fast. If you wanna drive slow, use the left lane. Stop blocking the way for no reason.... Fucking ignorant!

3. I'm on the way.......

There are types of people who like to tell this kind of lie. People called it white lie or something. Bitch, white lie, black like, grey lie, yellow lie, green lie, whatever lie, you are lying! Those people who lie will go to hell! Especially people who always say, "I'm on the way" while you are still at home. Fuck you!

Don't you hate it when you were waiting for someone, for a date for example, and they were late? NO that's nothing compare to this situation..........

I was waiting for my friend at ION Orchard. I arrived there just in time. So I called my friend,

"Hey were are you?" 

and she replied me, 

"I'm on the way." 

In my mind, she is giving me this excitement because she is on her way. She should be reaching within few minutes, at least not more than 1 hour.

15 minutes passed, I called again, "Where are you now?" She gave me the same reply, "I'm on the way"

Fuckin on the way for how long? It's Singapore! It's not that big. From one end to another it's like one hour. If I waited for one hour and she live just near by Orchard Road, means what? When the first on the way she just woke up from bed? That's so wrong..

People should just tell the truth. I mean if you just woke up, just tell me so I can plan accordingly. MAYBE, maybe I will say something like, "You bitch." But, that's because you forget about it. I have the right to get angry.. lol

By saying on the way, you actually creating a mind set where you are going to reach soon. It builds up hope and people will get disappointed. It's better that you tell me the truth rather than give me a false hope that you are reaching soon.

It's the same thing as breaking a promise. Don't do that. Trust is very hard to build.....

4. People who constantly fishing for compliments

Oh.... my..... gawd....
I can't stand these people. Every words that came out from their mouth are like puzzles. It's like they are taking you to a whole new world.

"I look so ugly"

Hmmmm, according to bitches dictionary, this means praise me, tell me I look pretty. Usually, I will just tell the truth. If she look ugly, I will reply yes you actually do and they will get furious because they can't handle the truth. Or if they look pretty,  I will definitely say no.

If this situation was not bad enough, I've encountered this......

"I look so ugly. Unlike you, you look so pretty"

Wow, wow.. stop it right there....
Don't drag me into this fucked up situation. What? You expect me to say I look so ugly, you look prettier?

Ermmm, maybe it's true because I usually don't dress up and I look messy most of the time, but that's not the point! She said that when I look ugly. It's very obvious that she was just fishing for compliments.

She was wearing dress and getting ready to go out. While me? I just came back from school with Tshirt and shorts. If her definition of pretty is something like how I wear, then she definitely is ugly.

I'm not trying to be mean or anything, but I really can't stand people who keep fishing for compliments. I don't usually tell lie just to make people happy. So, that won't work on me. It's really annoying and it's kinda disgusting. Especially they drag me into it.. lol

5. People who like to interrupt

These people really annoy the hell outa me. Not only they interrupt my group conversation, but they also make me feel uncomfortable.

There was this one time where my friends were talking about soccer. Then, here come this guy try to enter the conversation....... Yep, you guessed it, this guy has absolutely no idea about soccer. Then they said something like, "Ronaldo is a good keeper. Don't you think so?"

This guy said, "Yes, he is. I saw him play before. He was good!"

Everybody burst out laughing. Because this guy is kinda close to us, so we don't really mind, and it's kinda funny actually.

I don't find him annoying. He is just a small case. There are some people who totally grossed me out. They don't know about the problem, but they keep LOVE to add unnecessary comment. Oh gawd.. Why do you have mouth? People should learn when to shut up.

I'm not an angel, I don't treat everyone nice. I treat my friend nice, I treat nice people what they deserve. Somehow, I will have one or two person that I don't really like and I don't wanna talk to. When these people try to enter my conversation, I feel a bit uncomfortable. Up till that point, things will still be fine if that person just sit there and listen.

But, NO. Surprisingly, they prefer to let out their unnecessary comment that's not needed. It's really annoying because when that particular person talk, everyone just felt the awkwardness of the atmosphere and tried to end the conversation right there.

I think that's all I can think of. It's 2AM now and I can't sleep. I'm on holiday in Indonesia currently. I don't really update that much when I'm in Indo because normally I will just stay in my room and sleep. LOL, I'm lazy like that...

Tell me what you think.. What kind of people annoy you? I would love to know... [[346372985378735]] [[308300382542918]]

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