Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Thai movie fever!

I've been watching a lot of Thai movie these few days.. In my opinion, Thai movie has different story than the regular western movie. The story line of western movies are mostly about love story that the ending can be predicted. With a lot of kisses, hugging, bed scene and sex, as if love is only about those things.

While Thai movies, they usually have different story line which I really like. I don't like the regular movies as in the normal story line. They meet, they feel in love, some random girl came, they keep their shit together and happy ending. In fact, I don't really like happy ending. I prefer realistic ending or at least different type of story line....

Back to Thai movies, Thai have many types of movies as well. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their romance comedy movies. Like,

This is one of the latest Thai romance comedy movie.
Bangkok Traffic Love story or First Kiss

I will just show the trailer here.
This movie is very funny, but it has a very sad or rather touching ending. Even my mum said it's very nice.
It's a story of the younger guy and older woman relationship.
You guys can watch in youtube or buy the original DVD.

Fabulous 30

This movie is kinda funny. It's about the love story of elder woman and younger guy as well.
This movie has less comedy. It's more to the story.
Actually, I watch this movie first then I watch First Kiss and I find that first kiss is actually funnier than this movie. I mean, this movie is funny, but this movie is more to the romance.. Nevertheless I like this movie.

The next movie is...
ATM Error!

This is a romance comedy movie.
When a couple work in the same company, they have higher chance of committing fraud and things like that. That's why this couple were secretly dating.
Because of this company policy, this couple made a stupid bet.
"The loser will have to get out from the company."
It has nice story, funny, with an unexpected ending!

The last movie is called:
Top secret (The Billionaire)

This movie is about this guy, he is a young guy who doesn't like school.
He prefer to make money in his own way.
In the end, he is the one who produce one of my favourite food now!!
I'm so glad that he didn't give up, because I love that food so much.

I hope you guys enjoy these movies because I really do! Haha.. Maybe I should learn Thai language, because they have the movie that I want.


  1. ATM Error Thai Movie is definately one of the top thai movie productions to date. Love Ter and Ice's acting chemistry in the movie. Hope to see more of such movies in future.

    1. I know right.. I really love them too..
      I asked my friend about this and even asked her to buy the original DVD from thai.
      But the problem is they don't have English subtitle.. :(