Thursday, December 20, 2012

The world is gonna END!!

Fucking bullshit.. When the day has come, people will be like, "Ohh, sorry, the bible was a bit dusty. I blow all the dust already and removed some coffee stain there. Turns out the world is gonna end at 3013. Sorry about all these mess"

Fuck you, man..... Can you imagine if the doctors believe in all this bullshit? When a baby was born in 2012, the doctor said something like,

"Your baby is healthy, but I feel sorry for you.. Your baby won't survive for more than 1 year. 21 Dec is getting nearer.."

WTF.. Stupid dumbass people. What has got into you? It's just a calender. Every calender has and ending date just like our normal calender. Probably because mayan people were all dead, that's why nobody continue the calender.. lol

My calender ends at 31 Dec 2012. Why nobody make a fuss about it? BECAUSE IT MEANS THE CHANGE OF THE YEAR!! Next calender is 2013.. I don't want to hear any bull shit about Friday the thirteen in 2013.....

YES, at 21 Dec 2012, the world will turn dark.. BECAUSE IT'S NIGHT GODDAMIT!!

IF there is a meteor coming at us, shouldn't we see it by now? What kind of theory is that? Do they have any proof to support it? Don't believe everything that internet said. Nobody is controlling the information. Some people even believe that Oprah was dead. Don't go full retard, man...

Anyway, if the world is ending, just disagree with it. When the day come, there will be nobody telling you, "See, I've told you"
But when the thing didn't happen, EVERYBODY can make fun of you, "SEE, I'VE TOLD YOU!"

Haha.. But really... I think only idiots will believe that.. You think the government and president and all the people in this world can still sit so calm? Wake up in the morning and still go to work? Think again..........

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